Wanted: bots and more bots! (look inside for details)

Discussion in 'Wanted Items' started by setphazertostun, May 30, 2011.

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    Hey everyone thanks for looking!

    I am searching for some specifics things right now, and may add more to this thread later.

    I am hoping to acquire these at amazing prices! I have feedback on tfw here:http://www.tfw2005.com/boards/junkion-exchange-feedback/217157-setphazertostun.html

    I have various toys for sale/trade...which may be an option: http://www.tfw2005.com/boards/items...rs-bargain-bin-sale-tfa-marvel-sw-dc-etc.html

    I am a NO nonsense type trader, and always enjoy dealing with the same! (If your a newb who wants to waste peoples time then don't bother pm'ing me)

    There is one Bot I am seeking out for our 6 year old son:

    TFA bb - (deluxe)

    The one he has ended up with a busted shoulder joint. So I am trying to get him another one. I think it bummed me out more than it did him. :D 

    My other wants:


    Wreckgar MOC or loose/mint

    Wheeljack MOC or loose/mint

    Red Alert MOC or loose/mint

    Blurr MOC or loose/mint

    Warpath MOC or loose/mint

    Thrust MOC or loose/mint

    Seaspray MIB or loose/mint

    WST TF's (Takara or otherwise) - especially Blaster and Shockwave - shoot me a list of what you have with prices

    Takara Superlink Convoy/Kicker set - MISB, MIB, or loose/minty/complete

    Takara Hybrid Convoy - MISB or MIB

    Universe - Warriors from three worlds either MIB or MISB

    Robot Heroes (mainly G1) - any loose/minty ones that are very inexpensive

    Takara SCF 2-3" bots (PVC) any MIB, or loose/minty especially act 3 though.

    TF Minicon's (A/E/C etc. US or Japanese releases) - shoot me a list

    TFA Target Exclusive - Rescue Ratchet set MISB, MIB, or loose

    TFA Target Exclusive - Stealth Lockdown set MISB, MIB or loose

    Marvel Universe 3 3/4-4" figures MOC or loose (pm me a list)

    more to be added later

    I can trade or possibly buy, it is all pending on price or if I have anything you may want. I have tons of toys from many lines...

    Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!!


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