Wanted Any Items? Find Them Here For Your Transformers !!! Act Now !!!

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    Beastwars Series
    -MISB God Neptune
    -MISB DX Megatron with DVD
    -MISB Optimus Primal with DVD
    -MISB Beastwar Metal Monument for both Megatron & Optimus Primal

    Armada Series
    -MISB Powerlinx Black/Red Optimus Prime with DVD and a gold mini-con
    -MISB Armada Tank Megatron

    Energon Series
    -Galvatron(loose but complete)
    -MISB Grand Convoy

    Cybertron Series
    -MISB Variant Super Black/Red Optimus Prime
    -MISB Master Megatron

    Robot In Disguise Series
    -MISB Optimus Prime (Combined with Ultra Magnus to form Omega Prime)
    -MISB Ultra Magnus (Combined with Optimus Prime to form Omega Prime)
    -MISB Six-Changer Megatron

    Headmasters Series
    - Scorponok (loose but complete)
    - Sixshot(loose but without it's guns)

    Powermaster Series
    - MISB God Ginrai

    Return Of Star Convoy Series
    -MISB Star Convoy With Micromaster Hot Rod

    -MISB Ford GT Rodimus Prime

    Titanium Diecast
    - MISB Optimus Prime & Megatron From The War Within Series

    Generation One
    -MISB Takara Encore Optimus Prime
    -MISB Takara Encore Megatron
    -MISB Takara Scramble City Galvatron
    -Hasbro Metroplex(loose but complete)
    -MISB Takara Encore Skylynx

    Generation Two
    -MISB Takara Battle Tank Megatron

    Transformer The Live Action Movie
    -MISB Leader Class Optimus Prime With Legend Bumblebee & Jazz Figurines
    -MISB Leader Class Megatron
    -MISB Ultimate Bumblebee
    -MISB Bumblee Unleashed
    (more of a paper weight if you ask me but still a nice display figure)
    -MISB Bumblebees In Modern & Vintage Camaro Forms.

    Hi there i am clearing my stock of Transformers collection. Please message me if you are interested. I am open to negotiate for reasonable offers. Those who take advantage of these offer early will receive a free gift that comes with your purchase. Hear from you soon. Act now !!!

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