want to trade rotf skydive for energon skyshadow

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    i want to trade rotf movie/classics universe2.0 superion maximus's skydive and his energon weapon combiner kibble and energon star chip for energon superion maximus's sky shadow

    the energon skyshadow can come loose without any of its energon weapon combiner kibble

    i just want to use energon skyshadow for rotf skydive as i believe that energon skyshadow would colorscheme wise make for a much more suitable classics skydive and besides all that pink ugh

    this is just how i got it worked out name wise for the 5 jet/plane combiner team

    movie/classics/universe 2.0 silverbolt=g1 silverbolt
    movie/classics/universe 2.0 airraid =g1 airraid
    energon skyshadow=g1 skydive
    movie/classics/universe 2.0 fireflight=g1 fireflight
    movie/classics/universe 2.0 airrazor=g1 slinghshot

    for anyone here who has been wanting to take a crack at making their own energon/classics liokaiser combiner team rotf movie/classics/universe2.0 skydive as gaihawk would go great energon terra dive as hellbat

    lesse know if you throw in rotf bruticus maximus barricade/ponslaught for jarugar and energon blight for killbison you got 4/6 of the team right there

    anyone here who is interested in tradinge email me here

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