Want to trade (or buy) G1 Decepticon Seeker parts

Discussion in 'Wanted Items' started by Jingjing, Jan 12, 2009.

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    Looking for:
    Starscream: left horizontal tailfin and missiles.
    Thundercracker: right black fist.
    Skywarp: both horizontal tailfins, right fist, a launcher, missiles and landing gear.
    Ramjet: tailfins, a launcher, black fists (l and r) and landing gear.

    Here's my trade list:



    -Beachcomber, missing crashcage.
    -Gears, left leg-tire broken off and missing.
    -Hun-Grr, with chestplate.
    -Optimus Prime+trailer, no accessories incl. trailer ramp.
    -Quake, no accessories.
    -Ramjet, missing canopy, w. left wing, no other accessories.
    -Rippersnapper, with handgun.
    -Seawing, missing all accessories and "jaws".
    -Skywarp, missing canopy, no accessories.
    -Snarler, shell only.
    -Sparkstalker, complete.
    -Thrust, with right tailwing.
    -Wildrider, missing hood, no accessories.


    -AM Optimus Prime, Gun Barrel.
    -Ironworks, crane Staging (one broken peg), launcher holder, missile, ramp.
    -Menasor KO, gun, waistshield, car, both fists and both feets.
    -Rotorstorm, right launcher.
    -Scattershot, chestplate.
    -Scattershot, veichle gun (x2).
    -Scorponok, Orange Claw.
    -Scorponok, Dual Cannon x4.
    -Scorponok, Elevator Part.
    -Scorponok, Fasttrack, complete with both arms and guns.
    -Scorponok, Fasttrack gun.
    -Silverbolt KO, gun.
    -Skyhopper, left rocket pack, seat, small ramp. - ON HOLD - Fiski
    -Skystalker, large Gun, nose Gun (x2), wing gun.
    -Slapdash, spoiler.
    -Submaurauder, shield.
    -Thunderwing, gun (x2).

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