Want to trade G1 and G2 Parts for G1 and G2 parts - LOTS for trade!

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    I am ONLY looking to trade. these parts ARE NOT FOR SALE! I will certainly trade in your favor for what I need. Here's what I need:

    G1 Technobot Lightspeed handgun
    G1 Nosecone handgun
    G1 Roadblock inner robot with unbroken hands
    G1 Skyhammer missile unbroken
    G1 Rad figure only with good paint
    G2 Starscream left horizontal tailfin
    G2 Rapido gun
    G2 Windbreaker gun
    G2 Manta Ray/Leadfoot blue rotor x2
    G2 Powerdive/Ransack red rotor x2
    G2/G1 Grimlock sword

    What I have for trade, by year:

    Frenzy/Rumble silver right side gun
    Optimus Prime black missile
    Skywarp missile launcher

    Bonecrusher missile/drill
    Devastator rifle
    Hook handgun
    Jetfire right rocket booster
    Kickback gun
    Mixmaster handgun
    Mixmaster single missile
    Mixmaster double missile
    Red Alert missile
    Red Alert missile
    Scavenger handgun
    Scavenger missile/drill
    Scavenger missile/drill
    Scrapper handgun
    Snarl gun

    Brawl large cannon
    Dead-End vehicle cannon w/connector
    Defensor left chestplate
    Defensor left chestplate
    Defensor right foot
    Defensor right fist
    Defensor left fist
    Metroplex red double laser
    Metroplex large red gun
    Metroplex large red gun
    Metroplex large black gun (Sixgun left arm)
    Metroplex large black gun (Sixgun right arm)
    Ultra Magnus chestplate
    Ultra Magnus gun
    Ultra Magnus white shinplate/rear trailer door half

    Flywheels gun
    Scorponok headmaster Zarak (has one repro arm, not noticable in head mode, does not move in robot mode)
    Raindance gun (extremely worn chrome)

    Optimus Prime large head
    Optimus Prime large trailer top panel
    Piranacon rifle
    Seacon stand top connector piece
    Seacon stand top connector piece

    Dai Atlas orange ramp
    Dai Atlas orange ramp
    Overrun handgun
    Overrun vehicle tail
    Overrun shield/engine cover

    Optimus Prime missile launcher
    Optimus Prime missile launcher
    Optimus Prime missile
    Optimus Prime missile

    Beast Wars:
    Polar Claw bat/paw
    TM2 Iguanus missile
    TM2 Megatron kneecap

    Mini-con dune buggy gray rollbar/cage/windshield

    Blue Constructicon crane claw
    Red Energon chip

    I also have a number of post-G1 figures I will trade for these parts in my trade list - see the link in my signature!

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