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Discussion in 'Wanted Items' started by cappeca, Aug 7, 2007.

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    Here's my WTB list, and the amount I'm willing to pay (give or take):

    MIB G1 Sunstreaker - $200
    MIB G1 Wheeljack - $200
    MIB BW Optimal Optimus - $50
    MIB BW Tigerhawk - $40
    MIB Classics Soundwave (reissue) - $40
    Loose/MIB SL Galvatron or Galvatron G - $30
    MISB BT Prowl Police - $40
    MISB BT Skids - $40

    I won't be able to buy all at once, but I'm very interested in these items and will acquire them given time. If you have any of these available, and are willing to sell for around those prices, let me know.

    I will pay through paypal. I live in Brazil, so this will be an international transaction. I'll pay for international air mail parcel post, insurance if required and custom taxes. All I ask is that they are shipped as gifts, and a tracking number.


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