want to buy Energon Sky Shadow and Energon Terra dive

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    Mar 17, 2007
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    i want to buy Energon sky Shadow

    Sky Shadow (2005) - Autobot - www.tfu.info

    and Energon Terra Dive

    Terradive (2005) - Autobot - www.tfu.info

    I would like to buy those 2 figures preferably loose if possible.

    The paint can be flaking all to hell and the joints can be all loose as well.

    They don't have to come with their Energon stars or Energon weapons just so long as each figure is itself complete.

    The reason i need those 2 figures is because i want to use them as gaihawk and hellbat for my liokaiser project

    i figure with a bit of a dye job and a different head and some slight bit of remolding the 2 would have a reasonable resemblance to their g1 counterparts

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