want to buy classics Rodimus incomplete junkers only please

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    Mar 17, 2007
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    i really need to get my hands on a loose incomplte junker classics rodimus

    it can even be the battle in space one

    doesnt need to be complete or mib

    to be honest i just really want to buy a junker classics rodimus figure for parts

    the reason i need a junker rodimus for spare parts is this

    today i got my crystal henkie sons of cybertron rodimus +crystal protector fansroject trialer armor set delivered by ups

    only problem with the figure is that right out of the box the very day i got it i noticed that my crystal henkie rodimus has a damaged orange colored left hip that throughout the day has broken into 3 seperate pieces despite my attempts to fix it with super glue or epoxy glue

    its the orange colored part that attaches rodimus's orange colored upper leg to the dual rotating red colored part of rodimus's left hip of the lower torso waist crotch area.

    like i said i jsut really need to get my hands on a juker classics rodimus figure for spare parts

    how much would it cost me ?

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