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Discussion in 'Wanted Items' started by Transfotaku, Aug 11, 2009.

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    If someone can pick up Target Superion on clearance, I'd pay cost+shipping of whatever the clearance price is. My Target seem to have sold out their Supes before I could nab one.

    If someone has a BotCon Razorclaw for trade or sale, I'd be interested in that figure.

    I'd like the Universe repaints of the RID Bot Bros. Namely, Ratchet (red X-Brawn), the black repaint of Sideburn, and the 'Prowl' repaint of Prowl. The pure white sports car mode with the giant Autobot symbol. Only versions of those molds I don't got, and I enjoy those.

    EDIT: Might as well try to nab the last few Cybertron Scouts I need. I'm looking for the following then:

    Scrapmetal (Blue and Yellow...or Yellow and whatever color and I can repaint it, if blue is so rare)
    Ransack GTS

    I'm also looking to complete my Predaking. I need the foot that came with the Rhino, the hand that came with the Tiger, and the big cannon.

    Willing to buy, for a good price. Possible trades too, if you shoot me a list of your wants so I can see what you got.

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