Want: KO Dinocasettes, Botcon Animated Stunticons - Have: European exclusive G1/G2

Discussion in 'Wanted Items' started by BB Shockwave, Jan 3, 2012.

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    I have had very, very bad experiences with KOToys Mike, so I missed out on his 'going out of business' sale. But, I badly need those KO Dinocasettes, and am not going to pay 100$ for them on Ebay to scalpers.

    I do need the following:

    G1 KO Dial
    G1 KO Zaur
    G1 KO Beastbox
    G1 KO Squawktalk
    Animated Motormaster
    Animated Breakdown
    Animated Drag Strip
    Animated Wildrider
    Animated Dead End
    Animated Sideswipe
    Animated Fisitron

    I have lots of exclusive G1/G2 toys to offer in exchange, as well as of course paying money for them (or both). Check my sale thread (to be updated soon) for stuff like Action Master Elites, G1 Overlord, Predators and Turbomasters, European Action Masters, etc...

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