Want G1 Wheeljack & Reissue Hound, have...

Discussion in 'Wanted Items' started by Metroflex, Jan 8, 2006.

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    Oct 14, 2005
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    Hi there, I'm looking for a G1 Wheeljack. I plan on keeping him in car mode so the only accessories I want with him are his 2 spoiler pieces. But if you have all his other pieces I'll take those too.

    I'm also looking for a reissue Hound. Opened is fine, applied stickers is fine too, as long has he's not broken and in good condition.

    Or I'll take a G1 Hound as long as he has at least all of his vehicle mode pieces and is in not broken.

    I've got the following available to trade for these items:

    -opened Alternator Dead End and Grimlock in excellent condition, complete and with boxes.

    -Sunstreaker, in so-so condition. No accessories, paint and sticker wear, loose joints, but nothing broken. No spoiler pieces

    -Korean Big Convoy
    -Original Beast Wars Optimus Primal and Megatron, opened, in great condition with boxes
    -Air Razor, complete and in excellent condition
    -B'Boom complete and in excellent condition
    -Silverbolt, complete and in excellent condition
    -Terrasaur, complete and in excellent condition

    -Warpath, Gears, Powerglide and Cliffjumper in fair condition
    -G1 Galvatron, no accessories, tight joints but shows wear
    -Runabout and Runamuck, in ok condition, sticker wear, still roll and do pop-up transformation
    -Terrorcons Ripper-Snapper and Hun-Gur, complete. Includes Hun-Gurr's box in good condition

    Pics available upon request.

    I live in Canada so I'd perfer to trade with another Canuck to keep shipping costs down. Also, I'm looking for a *fair* trade.
    Please don't e-mail me offering one Wheeljack for something like 10 of the items above (or the whole list!) At least *try* to make a fair offer.
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    I have a Wheeljack, but he is complete and I'm not looking to break up. check out my sale thread in my sig for pics. thanks!

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