Want Botcon SG Prime, SG Magnus, Junkicons. Pay cash or trade.

Discussion in 'Wanted Items' started by Dr.Cox, Apr 26, 2012.

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    Im looking for SG Prime and Magnus. I would buy the bag set for prime if someone is willing to sell around cost and im willing to give a little more for your assistance. I would like the Junkers too but I see they're selling for a bit much. I also have trades items. Hope there is a fellow member out there that can help. I have great feedback. Thanks

    Trade items

    Costco Exclusive Battle Ops Bumblebee - Misb
    Beast Wars 2 Black Lio Convoy - Misb
    Magazine exclusive Robot Masters G1 Black Convoy - Mib
    Masterpiece SDCC Rodimus - Mib
    Generations Scourge - Mosc
    Rts Wreck-Gar - Moc
    Rotf Human Alliance Jazz - Misb
    Rotf Human Alliance Skids - Misb
    Hasbro Master Piece Starscream - Mib.
    Destructicon Bludgeon - Mosc
    Alternity Fairlady Z Blue Megatron - Mib
    Alternity GTR Silver Convoy - Mib
    Magazine Exclusive Super Link Black Rodimus Convoy - Misb
    Gundam 0083 Transforming GP02 - Mib
    Transformers Animated Arcee - Moc
    Transformers Cybertron Scourge
    SDCC Blackest Night White Lantern Sinestro and Black Lantern Hal Jordan - Misb
    Transformers The Movie Leader Megatron - Mint
    ROTF Leader Megatron - Missing Knee pieces
    Classic Ultra Magnus - Incomplete missing weapons
    Energon Ultra Magnus - Incomplete Mincon missing leg
    Armada Leader Gold Optimus Prime

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