Want Botcon 2009 Attendee packs (will reward handsomely)

Discussion in 'Wanted Items' started by *Deathblade, Mar 14, 2009.

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    Its looking less and less likely I will make Botcon this year. That being said, I would like for someone to pick up a complete set of the attendee only packs. I know the odds of someone doing this outta the goodness of their hearts is slim to none, so here are some incentives. I will pay cost of exclusives + shipping via paypal, and to make it worth the person's time waiting in line, I can offer any ONE of the following: (All MISB unless noted)

    $50 for your time
    G1 titaniums ultra magnus
    WWI titaniums Grimlock
    alternators rodimus (in crushed but unopened box)
    TFCC Breakaway
    Alternators Rumble
    Kmart exclusive minicon pack
    walmart exclusive pack (grindcore + breakaway + big daddy + fracture)

    PM me if interested

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