WALMART / SAINSBURY's Exclusive (84 Rally) Bumblebee

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    I just got '84 Rally Bumblebee surprisingly neat actually has a few slight tweaks such as his shoulder plates are now screwed down on him other than that he's the same as the Concept Camero Deluxe from 2007 with the original head still (not the more recent remoulded head) the car has no new front bumper either - I might see if I can dig something out and lend him a different head though as I think it would suit him better with a different head.

    Some of those logos' puzzle me though.
    Fly Omega Supreme, '84 (for 1984), S.T.A.R.S. (The mailaway offer catalogues of the 80's), the Letter 'G' Playskool gobots logo, The Minicon 'M' logo, Black Rock (For Comic character JB Blackrock), The Beast Machines Dinobots logo, & Maccadam's (It's an Energon Pub I think) I get the references for.
    But the Military rank like logo just above his back wheel I don't get. is it something lithonian or is it a Movie NEST logo or something like that ?
    Odd that they painted his face, door handles and fuel cap silver but didn't paint the car logos or the rear or front lights at all !
    It would have been nice if they'd have put something on his groinal numberplate too.
    I plan to paint him up a bit and i'm sure he'll look peachy when i'm done as that mould always looks cool painted up.

    Hasbro failed to paint his wheel hubs & Exhausts too which I find very annoying in the case of the wheels especially.

    The prototype shown on the back of the box has an extra colour on it the production version lacks he has a mid line stripe (possibly ment to be dirt?) the actual toy does not have this though.

    Overall I like him a lot - I like that they have used a variety of colours black & Grey on his body & gun and not just one or the other that makes him look a bit more interesting in robot mode to me.

    Mostly he's fun for the sponsor decoration though - I like the Dinobots, Minicon & Gobots logos especially.

    [Edit] I have just been informed that the Letter S in a Cog shaped logo on the nose of the car is a Sumdac Systems Logo from Transformers Animated (Thanks to Board Member 'Rotorstorm').

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