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    Hi everyone,

    I'm thinking of doing a custom project, and wanted to pick up a RiD Scourge - the version doesn't matter. I don't need (or particularly want) the trailer, just the core figure + sword and main gun if available.


    Also, curious if anyone has any loose iGear Primes they're willing to sell. Even if they're not complete, I'd be interested, as I'd likely customize them as well.
    (PP01 Faith Leader, Nemesis Prime, or Evil Prime(!) versions )

    Any of the Animated iGear MP-scale heads, OR the iGear PP01 1/2 scale Animated Prime heads (any color):

    Also seeking a Classics KO (Henki?) Double-Shattered Glass Purple Prime or Nemesis Prime.

    Also looking for a KO Shadow Commander, or any 'City Commander' colorway. I'd want it for a custom project, so if anyone has a broken one (or a Fansproject version, just somehow damaged) - also let me know. :) 

    Also looking for any accessories/swords/guns that can fit these figures, like the Blue or Red "Infinity War" 3rd party sword sets.

    Either PM me here on the boards with some prices, or drop me an email blaynescott@gmail.com - whatever you're more comfortable with. I'd be paying in US funds (or your preferred currency) via Paypal.

    I have a feedback list at Figure Realm - Action figure resource for all collectors! in their Forums trade lists, and 600+ positive feedback on my eBay account - that's been in use since 1998. :) 

    Lastly, I'm currently living in South Korea - I moved here for teaching work from Canada. So, I'd prefer a shipping quote for Surfacemail if at all possible. Mail arrives here within a week or two, and the postal system is really efficient within the country, so no lost packages in my 2 years here.

    Thanks for looking,
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