Voyager Soundwave satellite ends Sun 26

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    Custom Transformers Soundwave - Classics Satellite mode - eBay (item 220713895915 end time Dec-26-10 19:00:32 PST)

    Hi there. Thanks for coming by!

    As I'm finally getting caught back up on commissions and things get back to a normal pace, I managed to wrap on a project I've had brewing for a awhile. He's a different take on a much used idea from ROTF given the Classics 2010 treatment.

    I had a Shockblast I had been meaning to turn into a personal Shockwave, but I had a burst of inspiration and instead wound up with this. His cable accessories were inspired by Transformers Prime and are bendy.

    Soundwave - Classics Satellite update:


    Totally hand painted using a blue of my mixing, exclusively using TMMA.

    The head and gun are both from a Unicron Trilogy Voyager Soundwave. The tentacles were inspired by Transformers Prime and hand made from spare parts.

    Any comments love or hate are encouraged, thanks for your time!

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