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    Hi Everyone!,

    Currently there is a contest hosted by CARE2 looking for America's Favorite Animal Shelter!

    Please cast a vote for the Humane Society for Greater Nashua I have included a link for them at the end.

    These guys at HSFN are just awesome working with the pets there, and while searching for a new kitty I had the chance to meet and hear some of their wards heartbreaking stories. There was one pet that had lost his companion; she had passed away and he mourned for her needing to be spoonfed. Some of them have really had a rough go at life before getting rescued like Trinket the kitty we adopted.

    Humane Society for Greater Nashua is a no kill shelter and they work hard to get the little guys adopted out. As a matter of fact due to the amount of cats they were inundated with we added Trinket to the family adoption fee free; we had to pay for her spaying and Home Again chip. Seeing it more important to rehome the animals then take the fee must have been a really hard hit for them financially. Speaking of finances, last year at this time, their shed where people can drop off donated food was broken into and the food stolen. The shelter staff were scrambling to feed all the animals but luckily the community and the shelter came together to make sure everyone got fed.

    Humane Society's Website

    Humane Society for Greater Nashua New Hampshire

    There is a $10, 000 gift in it for the winning shelter. So far the most votes for the shelter in the lead is less than 900. Please Vote for HSFN!


    Contest Website

    Humane Society for Greater Nashua, Nashua, NH 03064
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