VK's Summer Sale...TF's, Joe and more

Discussion in 'Items For Sale or Trade' started by valiant_knight, Jun 26, 2012.

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    I'm clearing out some extra stuff to help fun other projects so here goes.

    Energon Superion complete and FP Crossfire Appendage Set (complete minus 1 gun,mib with instructions) $140

    TF Prime
    FE Deluxe Starscream complete with card back $15
    RID Cliffjumper Complete $10
    RID Wheeljack MOSC $15
    RID Knock Out MOSC $20

    Yamato Votoms 1/12 Scale Scope Dog MIB w/ pilot mib, round mover set mib and weapon set mib (I might have another set that will go with it I just need to find it.) $250 This is a very large robot.

    Heatwave misb (bagged) complete with paperworkd
    Red tank that goes with him both for $80

    I'll be adding more stuff later tonight. Payment is by paypal (add 4% unless you send as a gift or payment owed) or postal money order. Shipping is not included in anything unless otherwise stated. Feel free to contact me with questions. Thanks for looking


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