2D Artwork: Vixen - Commission

Discussion in 'Transformers Fan Art' started by GrungeWerX, Sep 19, 2007.

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    Here is an original fembot created by ... See below for Bio.





    “Aerodynamics are overrated…Big explosions aren’t.”

    Faction: Autobot
    Function: Munitions Systems and Development

    Alt Mode: Scion xB
    Color: Blue Onyx Pearl

    Not to be confused with a weapons designer, Vixen’s purpose with the Autobots is to create and build new munitions for the pre-existing and modified weapons systems. Her job primarily consist of the creation and testing of these munitions.

    She’s always been a fan of explosive devices and the capacity that they present. Originally designed for light-duty cargo work, Vixen branched herself away into a more promising--and more dangerous, career. This was especially due to the wars that raged on Cybertron and later Earth.

    Joining the crew of the Ark on Earth after the death and re-birth of Optimus Prime, she tried to make herself as useful as she could during her stay in Metroplex. There she found willing participants to her explosives tests. Bluestreak and Skids would usually be the ones to assist with the developments. Vixen liked the perspective that Skids offered over how to “get the biggest bang for the buck” and still not manage to harm any of the locals. Many of his theories helped to minimize the damage to the local area as well. Bluestreak, being the top sharp-shooter, would usually run the tests fires for the munitions…once he figured out that they wouldn’t usually blow up in his face.

    Her favorite development is her own personal weapon named “Spitfire”. The modified blaster design was easy to conceal and to handle when it was needed. Spitfire was designed to shoot out a type of “cold fire” and only burned when it came into contact with certain elements that were usually found in Cybertronian metals…or certain jet exhausts. Spitfire wasn’t her only weapon. She’s been known to keep a stash of extra ammo in her subspace in case of emergencies. For days when her aim sucks, she wears a pair of forearm mounted launchers that release a medium range cluster of smaller explosives. This is used mostly as a cover operation designed to disorient the enemy so she can get clear to make a better shot.

    Though she has the firepower to fight, her lack of speed and physical strength usually keeps her as a backup option. And she’s more than willing to provide cover-fire.
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    I really like this...nice artwork...great design and the bio is pretty original as well... :thumb 

    All we need now is the kitbash version...
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    A vast improvement from Alt skids, nice work.
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