Vintage MOTU, best place to buy ???

Discussion in 'The Toyark' started by Easterling Capt, Mar 12, 2010.

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    Been looking into both Turtles and MOTU to collect loose complete figures. These two besides TF were a big part of my childhood and I love the figures hade a ton of both of the lines.

    So my Q are from what I see on the net conserning MOTU.

    Scare glow seems to be most expensiv ?

    Most figures range complete and mint (loose) from 15-30 $ ?

    Is ebay the best alternativ, been looking at planet force any feedback on those or is there a site that is eqivulent to transformersland ?

    anything that I need to think about when it comes to some of the figures, easaly brooken stuff, seen a little on Webstors grapple but anythign overall on the toys ?

    Any help is gratefully appreciated.

    Only thing besides characters I want a battle cat and Panthor, anythign else worth getting ( should be Grayskull) ?

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