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    Thought I'd post these here before trying ebay. EDIT: Items are Sold

    I'm selling them as a lot. I am selling them for the cover price on the comics. Some are 75 cents the rest are a dollar. Ah the good old days. These are obviously quite old, from my personal collection. They are in good condition, a couple slight folds or spine damage on a couple issues, but the price is right. Issue #23, 'Humans are Wimps' has a factory error, it has two covers instead of the standard one cover. Kinda weird but interesting.

    Lot includes issues 19 - 37.

    26.75 Shipped with tracking. Comics will be in plastics and boarded. (two comics for each baggie.) Will be wrapped in protective plastic wrap and then I will wrap rags around it to gaurd from rain and moisture. Ships in a medium usps priority box.

    PM with inquiries. I am Only shipping within the 48 states. This is a one day oppurtunity, tommorrow I'll list them on ebay. Somebody out there must want them.

    I also have the Secret Wars issue where Circuit Breaker meets The Beyonder (not included in the above lot). Accepting offers, but not dying to get rid of that issue unless it's worth my while. Especially since we may be seeing her in future issues. Not looking to pay my rent with it, but its a nifty "collector item" I suppose. Poor Josie.... lol.

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