Vintage G1, Japanese, AFA, Black Zarak, Raiden, AFA 85 Springer...

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    Here is my current trade/sale list. Message me if anything interests you and make an offer! Feel free to email me directly at: I tend to check my email much more frequently and can respond faster.

    AFA 85 MISB Hound w/ Rubsign 85/85/90
    AFA 85 MISB Sunstreaker No rubsign 80/85/90
    AFA 80 Cosmos White Border 80/85/85
    AFA 80 MISB Springer 80/85/85
    AFA 85 MISB Springer 80/85/85
    AFA 85Y MISB Apeface 80/85/90
    AFA 85Y MISB Fastlane/Cloudraker 85/85/90
    AFA 85 Needlenose 85/85/85
    AFA 85 Dogfight 80/85/85
    AFA 85 Backstreet 80/85/85
    AFA 90 MISB Skyhammer 85/90/90
    MISB Nightbeat


    AFA 80 MISB C-371 Grandus 80/85/85
    C-131 Raiden giftset Factory sealed contents
    C-353 Big Powered Giftset (Dai Atlas, Roadfire, Sonic Bomber) Factory sealed contents
    D-78 Predaking giftset Factory sealed contents
    D-311 Black Zarak Factory Sealed contents
    D-318 Pirancon Giftset Factory Sealed Contents

    Other japanese items of note

    D-101 Soundblaster MIB
    Dino Cassettes C121 Gurafi C122 Noizu C123 Dairu C124 Zauru
    Rodney MIB

    Pics on eBay:

    sonofayoda | eBay

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