Vintage Centurions MISP or Loose (wit Box ) for trade!!--OTHER LINES TOO

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    I have some vintage Centurions, some are MIP/MISP and other are complete with box. I'm looking to solely trade these for Japanese transformers (either Masterpieces (TAKARA!) or Henkei figures.. I only deal in MISP! Others lines I have are below!

    I also have a lot of marvel legends, all BAF sets and individual figures (ALL MISP), also have most Mcfarlane lines (Movie Maniacs, Twisted land of oz, ect.) Let me know what your looking for and I'll tell you if i have it. Pictures will be exchanged before any deal is made and I'm only looking to trade right now)

    I only Included two pictures below because my others were over the 2.0 (size limit) and have to figure out how to make them smaller! I can send addition pictures to an email. I've only made one deal so far on ebay and got good feedback for it in the forum section, I'm a man of my word and also have an ebay feedback (top rated seller level) I can provide more info to interested parties! This is only tentative to see whats out there and what i can get! Heres what i have in Centurions!

    Skybolt (pictured)
    Dr. Terror (Pictured)

    LOOSE WITH BOX. MOST BOXES NOT IN GOOD SHAPE(some better than otherers)!
    Jake Rockwell
    Max Ray
    Ace McCloud
    Tidal blast (not complete)
    Depth Charger (not complete)


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