Victory manga #9 in English

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    Items of note:

    *Patty seems to have usurped Jean as leader of the Victories (though that was somewhat evident last issue, really). And how the Hell does she just know about some crazy special attack? And how the hell do all the Victories, even the new guy, just know how to do it? "Quick, transfer your power into that robot!" "Okay!"

    *This is the first time in the series where Solon refers to Deathsaurus by his name and not his title as Emperor. Ungrateful youth!

    *"Let's Seigou" was written in Japanese as "Retsu" ("Let's") and "seigou". "Seigou" means "to coordinate an attack" and it's obviously a pun on "Let's go". I couldn't figure out any reasonable way to make that work in English so I just left it as "Let's seigou" and added a translation note at the bottom of the page.

    *Blacker gives Solon the advice that sends him down the path of humanity and turns the tide of battle? That was certainly out of left field. The only characterization Blacker had gotten in this manga so far was "Waaah! Why aren't they wearing armor shaped like ME!?" And then he proceeds to give Solon armor shaped like him. Hmph.

    Alright, we're just one issue away from the conclusion and what I KNOW you've all been waiting for: Decepticon wives and Decepticon babies!

    So hang in there!

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