Minor/Repaint: (Very Minor Re-paint) Universe G1 Silverbolt

Discussion in 'Radicons Customs' started by inturnmike, Jun 20, 2011.

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    The 4th in my series of Classics/Universe/Generations Aerialbots...Silverbolt. Pretty-much just mainted the chest/waist, afterburners, arm joints, heels, and landing gear in a more G1-ish red, and slapped a few Autobot symbols on the back of him. I was really debating on painting him white. However, I decided that I like the little bits of detail that Hasbro already had on him so much that I didn't do it. That, and painting anything white is SUCH a pain in the azz! Slingshot (my last one) is up next...probably post him tonight. Does anyone who has bought Reprolabels's G1 Aerialbots set think some of the stickers may work on these/ Let me know... Thanks!

    *** And, yes....you DO need to dial 8 to place an outside call...fyi... :) 

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