2D Artwork: Vertigo - Original Character

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    Hey guys. Getting some work done today it seems. This is a fan character called Vertigo. You get a lot of Seeker-type requests sometimes, but I thought this one was challenging because of the drastic difference in design of the alt mode as compared to the F-15 eagle ( I think?) of the originals.

    This is Horsetechie's brainchild and a very interesting character. Read the bio below for all the intrigue. Enjoy!


    Name:Vertigo Bio:Sub-Group: Cybertronian hunter-seeker
    Function: Espionage
    Primary Weapon: Disorienting Sonar Waves
    Transformation: U2 spy plane
    Colors: Charcoal, with dark teal and smoke-blue trim

    Strength: 5
    Intelligence: 8
    Speed: 5
    Endurance: 6
    Rank: 7
    Courage: 7
    Firepower: 5
    Skill: 10

    "The more you see, the less you know."

    Vertigo was created and designed for reconnaissance missions when on Cybertron, as one who truly holds up to his name as a hunter-seeker. Even though he still stations himself with the Decepticons, he secretly has become a nuetral. The only one he will answer to as "master" at the moment will be the one who had asked for his services. As soon as his mission is completed, he closes the contract and lays low, pretending to be a Decepticon seeker. He does not wish to become either Autobot or Decepticon after the witnessing the corruption that occurs on either side. Vertigo is fairly independent, but is also apt to blend into almost any situation if need be. His general nature may appear to be sociable and easygoing, but he has the tendancy to lay down false leads and chide others if he feels threatened. Vertigo pretty much keeps to himself the rest of the time, as he does not wish to make close friends with those he may end up black-mailing later. During his free time, however, he likes to loose himself in Japanese culture, especially the ancient warriors and select anime and manga titles.

    While he his top speed is not very fast, Vertigo is able to fly high altitudes in the Stratosphere. None of the other jets, save Starscream and Sunstorm, can fly this high. He slips through cargo transports via the Spacebridge to get to earth from Cybertron. His alt mode was converted to that of a U2 spy plane, because it as assumed he would benefit from that form better than being a fighter jet. In addition, the seeker has also been equipped with a variety of sensors and cameras that he uses to collect data.

    Vertigo blasts disorienting electro-scrambling sonar waves to stun and confuse his opponent's sense of direction and balance. If opponent is flying or driving, they would end up crashing. When in robot mode, Vertigo has a pair of swords he keeps sheathed in his wings. He is knowledgable of the Cybertronian martial arts. As a last resort, he can combine this fighting skill with his scrambling waves to defeat his opponents.

    His alt mode is not as fast and strong as a fighter jet, and his wings are fairly delicate. If he is not careful and gets caught in the thick of an aerial assault, it will not bode well. He is a better fighter in robot mode than plane mode. Vertigo does not posses any firearms either, as he prefers to fight only out of defense. He would sustain too much battle damage otherwise.

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