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    So I picked up an MP Vector Sigma and key for around $12 on Black Friday. And I’m into small shelf dioramas. I made one by designing custom contact paper for my idea of a G2 Ark (teal floors and purple walls with big caution sign walkways and “Optimus is One Bad Dude” graphitti’d on a wall).

    More recently, I vectorized and enlarged some backgrounds by Optimus Timelord and printed them on 6mm PVC and used screws and hinges to attach the floor and backdrop.

    I’m working up a cloth cape for Alpha Trion based on his concept art and I’ve done some 3d printing but that can get expensive fast.

    I love people’s Ark/Teletraan displays but they don’t feel quite as action oriented as I’d like. I really love store dioramas from my childhood and the ones you see at shows.

    I had the idea recently to try to work up familiar sets where you could have action scenes or interesting group shots. I’m thinking about Alpha Trion’s workshop for him and the fembots.

    Something I keep coming back to is the room where Vector Sigma is stored. I’d like it to be round at least if not a proper dome. I’m thinking about poster board attached to a big, round foamboard and either a clear PVC tube holding up Vector Sigma or fishing line suspending it.

    I’m on the fence about whether to sneak details in from Prime or Beast Wars’ Oracle chamber since the CHUG aesthetic tends to add details. I’m thinking about a half-circle attached to a control room or hallway.

    Any ideas about materials or approach would be appreciated. I’ve thought about a sconce lampshade with custom fabric for the round room (allowing backlighting), posterboard flexed around PVC, or vinyl sticker on a plastic trash can cut in half.

    No spare cash ATM so I’m good to think about this for awhile. Thought I’d crowdsource ideas.

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