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    Merging thread to budmon88's want list!!!!!

    Hey guess, my list is getting bigger, my trade pile has come down a little so for the time being its buying only. Thanks!

    - trenmasters 1998 Voltron, looking for the one that combines, but is all plastic, the lions have gimmicks to them and the red and green lion dont more, THIS ONE IS TOP PRIORITY FOR ME RIGHT NOW? THEY DONT HAVE TO BE MINT! BUT ALL THE LIONS SHOULD HAVE THEIR ACC. AND THE BLAZING. WILL TAKEBA WHOLE ONE OR INDIVIDUAL LION TO BUILD VOLTRON!!!

    -masterpiece/20th anniversarry Optimus Primes energon axe, his blaster rifle, and the megatron gun.

    -the smokestack gun to voyager classics optimus prime/ultra magnus.

    Merging thread to budmon88's want list!!!!!

    -classics universe deluxe ironhide.

    -classics ramjet

    -g1 optimus trailer in good conidtion with roller

    -g1 ultra magnus parts, head, big fists, little fists, side missle, and guns

    -classics mirage

    -classics astro train
    -universe classics sunstreaker

    -g1 bumblebee

    -g1 soundwave parts ( guns, back clip, casseste door ( or if there is any info on to make one myself?)).

    -g2 hero optmus prime ( missle firing version)

    -anything from generation 2.

    -anynthing beast wars.

    Pm me or reply if interested, thanks!
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