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    I have the following for sale,

    World's Smallest Transformers
    Soundwave & Ravage in opened box with reprolabels applied £40

    ( several of these have reprolabels upgrade sets applied )
    loose, complete Voyager Wreck-Gar £15
    loose, complete Voyager £10
    loose Voyager Grimlock ( has all weapons but no instructions ) £8
    loose Deluxe Soundwave ( has all weapons but no instructions ) £3.50
    loose, complete Deluxe Bumblebee £3.50
    loose, complete Deluxe Snarl £3.50
    loose, complete Deluxe Prowl ( 1st one ) £3.50
    loose, complete Deluxe Ratchet ( 1st one ) £3.50

    Universe 2.0
    loose Voyager Dropshot ( has all weapons but no instructions ) £8
    loose, complete Deluxe Acid Storn £5

    '07 Movie
    loose, complete Deluxe Bumblebee ( Premium version ) £8

    loose, complete Deluxe Breakaway £5
    loose, complete Deluxe Jolt £5
    loose, complete Scout Class Dirt Boss £2.50
    loose, complete Scout Class Scalpel £2.50
    loose, complete Scout Class Knock Out £2.50

    Prices don't include postage so if you are intrested in anything send me a PM with your location so I can give you an accurate quote.

    I accept payment by cash, cheque, postal/money order or Paypal which is my preferred choice. I'm in the UK but will ship worldwide. All items are in excellent condition unless otherwise stated and are from a non smoking environment. I will combine postage on multiple orders. Any questions just send me a PM. Thanks for looking!

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