Various TFs for sale - SoCal (Long Beach/Cerritos) Local Pickup ONLY

Discussion in 'Items For Sale or Trade' started by Phorpus, Jan 18, 2009.

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    Hi, I'm slowly starting to move away from TFs so I'd like to sell these odds and ends. But I will NOT ship, and if you accept you will have to meet me in either Long Beach or Cerritos (Most likely in their town centers) and pay with cash.
    All of the following are loose and complete, without instructions, unless otherwise mentioned.
    Or you can buy the entire lot for $65.

    $25-Animated Megatron (Leader, batteries still work, instructions can be included)
    $5-Animated Ratchet (Instructions can be included)
    $10-Cybertron Soundwave (Voyager, Laserbeak not included)
    $4-Movie Jazz (Deluxe, first run with the "telescope sword")
    $7-Movie Blackout (Voyager, automorph gimmick is buggy)
    $4-Movie Protoform Optimus Prime
    $15-Classics Jetfire
    $5-Classics Bumblebee
    $5-Classics Mirage
    $35-TRU "Classics" Soundwave (Ravage and one tape container not included, but the box can be included)

    I'm only looking to sell, but if you happen to have an extra Hot Toys Bank Robber Joker head I'd be interested in a trade.

    If you need any pictures or have any questions my PM inbox is always open.


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