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    All items are sold as shown, WYSIWYG. Nothing broken, but all (except the sealed items) have varying amounts of play wear, most with super tight joints. If you're interested in any of the items and would like a more detailed description, pm me. Shipping will be determined by buyers location. Paypal gift payments or add the difference to cover fees. Check me out on eBay for feedback under the name "roomofdoom".

    Transformers Prime Soundwave with Laserbeak MOSC -$15
    Transformers G1 Sideswipe Missile and Launcher -$9
    Transformers G1 Triggercon Crankcase -$25
    Transformers G1 Terrorcon Hun-Gurr -$10
    Transformers G1 Terrorcon Cutthroat -$10
    Transformers G1 Combaticon Brawl -$8
    Transformers G1 Combaticon Leader Onslaught -$10
    Transformers EZ Collection series 01 Movie Megatron -$10
    Transformers - Villains: The Ultimate Doom Episodes 1-3 DVD -$5
    Transformers G1 Huffer decoy #27 -$3
    2008 McDonald's Transformers Animated Ratchet Happy Meal toy MISBag -$5

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