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    As the title suggests, I'm putting up a nice variety of TFs - mostly recent ones - up for trade or sale. I only have one or two specific trades in mind; otherwise, I will take interesting offers in lieu of sale. All figures are out of box and in pretty good condition (they've been played with/transformed a few times) unless otherwise noted. All transforming figures have their instruction manuals available at no extra charge XD:

    Takara SCF:
    - Convoy w/communicator (stand included)
    - Rodimus Convoy (stand inc.)
    - Thrust - SOLD
    - Pewter Thrust
    - Pewter Ultra Magnus (stand inc.)

    Trades: Arcee & Daniel, Thrust, Pewter Thrust, or Pewter Ultra Magnus for Clear Starscream or Pewter Thundercracker.

    Minicons (Transformers: The Legend of the Microns / Armada):
    - Destruction (Buzzsaw, Drill Bit, Dualor)
    - Adventure Team (Iceberg, Dune Runner, Ransack)
    - Night Attack Team (Fetch, Broadside, Scattor)
    - Emergency Team (Prowl, Firebot, Makeshift)
    - Air Military Team (Thunderwing, Terradive, Gunbarrel)

    Trades: None come to mind. If you can think of an offer involving one of the above two SCFs, I'll consider it ^^

    Transformers: Armada
    - 'Super-Con' Optimus Prime feat. Over-Run

    Trades: Interesting offers will be considered.

    - Sideswipe -- This one comes with box, most, if not all, of the twist ties, and most, if not all, of the plastic interiors. If I had to grade the box, it would be between Very Good and Excellent from the outside (the inside cardboard has some tears where I pulled away the tape that held the instruction packet to it)

    Trades: Perhaps Jazz (white version), Shockwave, Prowl, or Hound.

    Transformers Attacktix:
    - Battle Ravage
    - Insecticon
    - Scorponok

    Trades: I'll be willing to trade an Attacktix figure (or 2?) for one of the aforementioned SCF figures.

    World's Smallest Transformers:
    - Thrust - includes box and instructions. The box has a red circle around the Thrust image on one side, and the small tearaway strip on the top is gone. The box has a piece of tape left from where it was taped together when I received it.
    - Bumblebee - includes instructions.

    Trades: I can't think of any that come to mind that would be fair considering what I'm looking for. I'll include Bumblebee with the purchase/trade of Optimus Prime or Sideswipe if you want it :D 

    Lunchables Transformers Movie Thingies:
    - 2x Megatron
    - Bumblebee
    - Ironhide

    I'm looking for a Starscream one, and will trade any and all just for one of him; I'd never charge more than $1 or so for one of these, so I'd like to limit transactions with these to the US if possible.

    Trades in general: To recap, I'm looking for Clear Starscream and/or Pewter Thundercracker from Takara's SCF series.

    Selling:, make an offer, and I'll just cross-check it with what people are suggesting on eBay or something ^^; In other words, I'm trusting you all to make legit suggestions, as I'm not really into collecting TFs from a "collector's" standpoint.


    EDIT: Added WST Thrust and Bumblebee.

    EDIT 2: Removed War Within Starscream (Titanium) from my wants list.

    EDIT 3: Takara SCF Thrust has been SOLD. Put up some Lunchables figurines for trade.

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