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    Got a TFs lot from this guy at a yard/garage sale he'd posted about in the GA Sightings forum. Did part trade/part cash exchange since I had some Alts with me he wanted, and was pleased with the deal he offered in return.

    The haul, all loose and in good to fair condition:

    - Headmaster Prime, complete
    - BW Transmetal Tarantulas in excellent condition
    - BW TM2 Cybershark, complete in excellent condition
    - G1 movie Gnaw, complete
    - Power Rangers White Tigerzord -- never really cared for the TV show, but I have admired some of the toys over the years and this was one I always thought was pretty cool.
    - G1 Grimlock--not in the best of shape, but I just needed it for parts anyway
    - G1 Razorclaw -- very happy to own this finally after all these years
    - G1 Tantrum -- 2 down, 3 to go to complete one of my holy grails: Predaking
    - BW Optimus Primal (gorilla) in excellent condition
    - G1 Pretender Grimlock complete and in great shape
    - a couple G1 dino cassettes

    And Vaporware threw in for free an Action Masters Soundwave and some kind of cool, odd little knockoff-type TF egg that transforms into a T-Rex that has an uncanny resemblence to Grimlock's dino mode.

    Vaporware is trying to get rid of many more loose TFs from G1 to current stuff, hopefully in lots, and I give a hearty recommendation for buying from VaporwareII.

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