Van Helsing Wolfman - does it even exist?

Discussion in 'The Toyark' started by BB Shockwave, May 22, 2008.

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    I really liked this movie, not as much for the plot (which was mediocre, and Dracula was plain cheesy) but for the designs, some of which were awesome...

    Among them the Wolfman (first Velcan, then later when Van Helsing himself becomes a huge black werewolf) was my favourite, maybe the best werewolf design I have seen in a movie.

    I just learned there were Van Helsing toys back in 2004 - and although I tried hard, I didn't find the Wolfman neither on Ebay, or even any pic of that toy! I know from toy lisitings that at least TWO versions should exist, I'm interested in the regular Wave I version (the Wave II Velcan-skin version is quite ugly IMHO) ...

    If anyone can provide pics, or better yet, have the toy for sale, I'd be grateful! I have lots of TFs for trade, should someone want to trade this toy.

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