Using TFs to create bonds

Discussion in 'Transformers General Discussion' started by jorod74, Nov 30, 2008.

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    hope this is in the right forum...
    recently, i bought TFU Ironhide and Blades after a long absence from collecting.
    I still have problems with the instructions and seeing the toys, but i have gained something from that.

    My oldest niece (13) has started diving into models and large lego kits, so this thanksgiving, i handed her those two bots and asked her to help.

    before she left that night, she had figured them out, and wanted more.

    i told her i will try to get like a new one each week or so and she can help.

    so, after being unable to connect with her on anything else, we have this.
    the cool thing is, we actually talk about other things.
    school, books, music... i try to teach her things that i know (and the school doesn't teach it seems) and she listens.

    so i am using these TFs to create something between us, so i won't just be her goofy uncle.

    i don't have kids of my own yet, so it is nice that i can share something with my sister's kids. (the other kid is 8, so i am still figuring her out.)

    she doesn't know it yet, but she's getting the AT-ST lego kit and a copy of Watchmen for Christmas.
    that and i am thinking about getting her the Arcee figure that's still on the rack at my Target.

    i know this has got to be either creepy or sappy, but she is a smart kid and i just want her to play and explore the world, look for exciting things in the most out of the way places.

    I am just glad a pair of Autobots helped make it possible.

    anyone else doing this too?
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    There is nothing creepy or sappy about wanting to form a bond with your niece.

    I just gave my youngest niece 3 movie legends figures last night and she loved them. This is after having babysat her at my place a few weeks back and she had been asking me to transform one figure after another. I figured I would give her a few easy figures of her own to start out with. She is only 4.
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    That's pretty much how I interact with my younger cousins. I've got two cousins, both girls that are 8 and 3, not much in common to talk about. One time when I was taking care of them, I showed them some TF animated to keep them quiet, surprisingly they really enjoyed the Blast from the Past episode. So whenever I'm entrusted to take care of them I let them play with my TFs, Animated and Classics only. Alts/MPs and BW are off limits haha.

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