used ROTF Megatron for cheap or trade.

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    UPDATE: Okay, I found a meggy on ebay, shipping to me now.
    I still have the following up for trade.

    "I really don't wanna pay much for the new rotf megatron, but if someone's willing to trade for the following, lemme know!"

    Here's my wares. Attached are links to reference pics on the tfw site, but I can send pics of the actual figs upon request.

    I got the Target Exclusive Straightaway Shootout Legends set because I wanted Sparkcrusher and Ironhide. The rest are up for sale here, individually or all 3, up to you. You can even have the instruction sheet and box if you like. Great way to collect just the ones you want from a set.
    Runamuck = Movie Jazz recolor
    Runamuck - ROTF Legends - Transformers Resources
    Sandy Mudflap = ROTF Mudflap w/ desert paint
    Mudflap (Straightaway Shootout) - ROTF Legends - Transformers Resources

    Star Wars Transformers Darth Vader that turns into Tie Fighter. On individual card from the 2 pack sold recently.

    Please post or pm me w/ any inquiries. I can send pics if you like.
    Thanks for lookin'!
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