Urgent: which camera should I use? (shutterbug experts wanted)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by CdnShockwave, Oct 1, 2007.

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    I'm heading off to New Zealand for three months of backpacking and I'm trying to decide which camera I should take.

    In one corner I've got the Canon E0S 10D Link to DP review
    -the mirror is a little dusty and it has a lower resolution than the Rebel
    -but I do have a remote shutter control and more experience with this camera

    In the other corner I have the Canon Rebel XT
    Link to DP review
    -clean mirror and higher resolution than the 10D
    -I do not have a remote shutter and have almost no experience with his camera
    -also my uncle just gave me this camera a few day before I leave, so I feel like there's a family/moral obligation to use it

    I'm inclined to take the 10D, but I'd like to know what the photo experts have to say. A lot of the technical stuff is more like gobbldygook to me.

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