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    Please note, this is a completely different story from the transformers GREAT WAR. This is
    my take, taking influences from the official great war and making it my own. I hope you

    Year 345.

    He fell, his knees weak from running. He turned his head. "What are you doing!" He yelled
    as the massive yellow figure loomed over him.

    "Starting a revolution." It said. It's eyes were red, and they seemed to crackle with
    fire. He was tall, slim, and fast. His name, was Quickstrike. And the figure who knelt
    before him, was Fallback.Fallback was shorter, but also wider and more muscular.

    "A revolution for what? We are in peace, Cybertron is perfect! You need to be
    reporgrammed! It doesnt take a military bot to understand that." Fallback said, reaching
    for his pistol.

    "You're nothing but a part-boxer. Get to your little factory, and await what is to come.
    Soon, light will come to this planet. You'll see. All these tiny little quarrels, and our
    underproductivity of resources, is all to blame on our leaders. If you are smart,
    consumer bot, you will understand that, and will be wise to be ready when the time
    comes." Quickstrike said, eyeing the gun that Fallback was trying to hide in his hand.

    "You're insane! Did Lockdown put you up to this?" Fallback replied, becoming restless

    "Lockdown is a bounty hunter, he kills for money. We have purpose, heart, he is a
    sparkless murderer. Learn the difference." Quickstrike responded

    Fallback raised his pistol and fired, but Quicksrike was too fast. he ducked, and lashed
    out with his blade, slicing the pistol in half.

    "One more move and the blade will change paths to your head, consumer bot." Quickstrike
    said, a grin forming on his face.

    "The Cybertron Defense will hear about this, you can count on it!" Fallback said, and
    began to transform.

    "Good luck getting that chance." Quickstrike yelled, and threw a dagger, which lodged
    itself into fallback's spine. As Fallack transformed, the dagger cut clean through his
    back. Fallback fell, and his spark died out. "This is already too easy." Quickstrike
    muttered, removing his dagger from the lifeless corpse.


    "100 Years! 100 years on the Cybertron Air Force more than you, and you think IM the
    inexperienced one, Starscream?" Jetfire raged, his temper worn out

    "Not inexperienced, jetfire, incapable! You have no idea what you are doing, even if you
    think you do. You don't know what is best for the planet, and you stick to old
    tradition." Starscream replied in his naturally sarcastic voice

    "You are suggesting decreasing our defense force! That is in no way good for this planet!
    I am the supreme commander of this Air Force, and you will learn your place if you do not
    stand down, Starscream. I take orders directly from Prime Nova himself, and if you have
    an issue with the way we operate, then you may consult him, because I would LOVE to hear
    just what he thinks about your proposals." Jetfire snapped, walking away from Starscream.

    "Don't you see Jetfire? He puts us on high defense on purporse. He, is plotting against
    us! He wants this planet to bend to his will! Do you honestly think we are threatened by
    some outside force? No! We will be taken down from the inside, Jetfire! We must make our
    stand, we cannot let the cybertron Guard become some sort of game!" Starscream belched,
    his anger and impatience building

    "Your accusations are absurd! You think our leaders are involved in some sort of
    Conspiracy? They have the power, if they wanted this planet to bend to their will, then
    it already would. You know nothing, Starscream. For a second there, I was almost
    convinced you could make sense of this situation; I am poorly mistaken. you are still the
    washed up scrap drone that I trained into what you are now. I can just as easily have you
    melted into slag." Jetfire grumbled

    "You wouldn't have the guts. The only Cybertronian that has ever died by murder is by
    Lockdowns claw. You think you will be able to retain any bit of your dignity, pride, and
    title as Commander of this defense, if you strike down a harmless cybertronian? Your
    threats grow weak old man." Starscream rasped, in his quirky tone.

    "You see this mark?" Jetfire replied, pointing to a slash on his shoulder. "This
    signifies I have a Nova Spark. And anyone who bears a Nova Spark, is above the command of
    anything other than Primus Himself. And I I want to melt you into slag, then nothing will
    stop me." He responded

    "Oh, you speak too soon. Just you wait. Soon, you will face an army unlike any other. If
    you do not choose to comply with the rebellion that is going to take place." Starscream
    replied, an evil laugh emitting from his voice.


    Shadow. It lurked around him. Anywhere he walked, it followed. The being was tall, had
    huge spikes emitting everyone from on his body, and had a sickly appearence. A massive
    claw, sharp as a dagger, formed one of his hands, while the other was shrouded in his
    larger cape that was draped over his body. This, was lockdown.

    He looked down to find a figure, tan in color, laying on the ground, dead. Next to him
    was a pistol, sliced clean in half.

    "No one kills besides me. But this, this is not a natural death. Soon they will see, that
    NOTHING takes my place!" He yelled accross the barren landscape.

    Next Update on Sunday

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