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    Prices NOT set in Stone!! PLEASE MAKE OFFERS!!!

    Sales list 4-26-08
    Optimus Prime Excellent w/trailer and some accessories $69.95
    Smokescreen complete mint $49.95
    Hound Nr-mint complete $59.95
    Hot Rod mint, no weapons $49.95
    Trailbreaker MIB w/inserts ©-8.5 box)$149.95
    Sideswipe MIB w/inserts $149.95

    Ultra Magnus Opened-all inserts, weapons MIB (toy has slight discoloration) no play wear $129.95 OBO

    Beast Wars (Vintage)
    Rattrap MOC Opened $49.95
    Terrorsaur MOC Opened $49.95
    Snapper MOC Opened $19.95
    Dinobot MOSC Smooth Bubble
    Ops Megs 2 Pack MOC Opened $19.95
    TM2 Prowl MOSC (3) $19.95 ea.
    Sonar TMII-MOSC $9.95
    Bonecrusher MOSC $34.95
    Rhinox TM MOSC $29.95
    Lio Convoy (Lion) v. Galvatron (purple Dragon) 2 Pack Takara MISB $89.95
    Cybershark TM2 MISB $19.95/ea
    TM Megatron MISB $44.95

    10th Anniv:
    TM Rattrap MISB $19.95
    Dinobot MISB $14.95
    Optimus Primal MISB $19.95

    Beast Machines:
    Storm Jet MOSC-$19.95
    Scavenger MOSC $7.95
    Terranotron MOSC $24.95
    Mirage MOSC (2) $5.95
    Mechatron MOSC $14.95
    Battle unicron MOSC $14.95/ea.


    Prowl (2) MOSC $19.95/ea.
    Sideburn (2) MOSC $17.95/ea
    X-Brawn MOSC $19.95
    Prowl Supercharged MOSC (2) $14.95/ea.
    Sideburn Supercharged MOSC (2) $13.95/ea
    X-Brawn Supercharged MOSC (4 total) $14.95/ea.
    Landfill Set 4 MOSC $49.95
    Mega Octane MOSC $19.95
    Scourge MIB-opened $49.95
    Stormjet MOSC $9.95
    Heroes of Cybertron
    TOO MANY MOSC, please ASK!!!


    Smokescreen (2) MOSC $12.95/ea
    Hoist (2) MOSC $14.95/ea
    Sideswipe (2) MOSC $14.95/ea.
    Unicron MISB $69.95


    Downshift MOSC $17.95
    Kicker MOSC $14.95
    Snowcat MOSC Black Card $14.95
    Sharkticon MOSC RARE Black Card $29.95
    Insecticon MOSC $9.95
    Cruellock MOSC $9.95
    Wideload MOSC $14.95
    Strongarm MOSC $9.95
    Storm Jet MOSC (2) $17.95

    Nemesis Breaker HTF MISB $59.95
    Vector Prime G.F. MISB (2) $34.95
    Megatron (trex) MOSC $14.95
    Primal MOSC $14.95
    Hardtop MOSC $9.95
    Brushguard MOSC $9.95
    Cryo Scourge $29.95

    Ultra Magnus v. Skywarp MISB (many units) $34.95/ea
    Cliffjumper MOSC (3) $14.95/ea
    Mirage MOSC (7) $12.95
    Grimlock MOSC (3) $19.95
    Ramjet (2) $15.95
    Bumblebee MOSC $29.95
    Starscream MOSC $39.95
    20th Anniv. “DVD” Prime $49.95/ea.
    20th Anniv. DVD Prime Sealed Case of 2 $109.95


    Silverbolt MOSC $11.95
    Windrazor (2) MOSC $7.95


    Sideswipe $24.95
    Meister (Jazz) Red Box $39.95

    Ultimate Bumblebee Sealed Case of 2 units: $200/obo
    Optimus Prime Leader Class MISB $49.95
    Optimus Prime Voyager MISB$29.95
    Bumblebee 1974 Var. MOSC $16.95
    Premium Optimus Prime $49.95
    Premium Megatron $49.95

    Clear Mirage BT-18 MISB $165.95/ea

    KISS Play Cassettes Repaints (Ravage Laserbeak) MISB $49.95
    Galvatron Destron D-62 (Movie Accurate Colors) MISB $69.95/obo
    Encore Megatron MIMB-Opened $69.95
    Encore Soundwave MISB $49.95

    I also have tons of g1 boxes and loose accessories, please email/PM with requests.
    All items are US factory sealed unless noted otherwise. Quantity indicated in parantheses if more than one. I ship priority mail insured with delivery Confirmation. Multiple purchases save on condensed shipping. Lg items can go ups ground. Everything is negotiable, please make offers on multiple items for further discounts or buy it all!!!

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