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    I have many, many toys I need to sell. Everything is complete with techs and instructions unless noted. All lot prices include shipping to the continental US. Pending items not included in lot prices.

    Lot prices and some individual prices have been reduced!


    Custom Spychanger Optimus Prime as Dark Fire Convoy $10

    Bombshell C-9.5+ complete. Includes instructions, Tech specs, decoder, catalog and more! All paperwork in perfect shape. $20

    Jazz C-7 complete. Roof is broken but sits well in vehicle mode and robot mode $15

    Bumblebee (Red) C-8 complete. Joints a little loose but in great shape. (No paperwork) $15

    Powermaster Optimus Prime MIB with original stroyfoam insert. Comes with everything except instructions and catalog. $80

    G1 Lot $130 shipped

    BotCon Glyph C-8 condition. Key chain loop broken off and some wear on the bumper but transforms great and displays nice. $3 (Free with G1 lot)


    Ehobby Detritus MIB stickers applied $35

    Ehobby Cross Cut MIB stickers applied $65

    Ehobby Lot $100 shipped


    Inferno (complete but missing instructions) $20
    Blue Grimlock (complete)$30
    Green Snarl (complete) $35
    Green Slag (complete but missing tech specs) $30
    Devastator (complete) $80
    Brawl (complete) $10
    Swindle (complete) $10
    Vortex (complete) $10
    Blast Off (complete) $10

    G2 Lot: $220 shipped

    Beast Wars

    BW2 Dirge $10
    Wal-mart Rattrap $5 (no techs/instructions yellow helmet painted blue)
    Ramulus $7
    TM2 Spittor $5
    BW Neo Mach Kick $15

    Beast Wars Lot: $40 includes shipping

    Beast Machines (all complete with Tech Specs and Instructions)
    Scavenger $3
    Strika $7
    Snarl $7
    Blast Punch Optimus Primal $20
    Spy Streak $7

    Entire Beast Machines Lot $40 includes shipping

    Robots in Disguise
    Autobot 3 Pack (Mirage GT, Scavenger and Nightcruz) $10
    “Spychanger” Optimus Prime $3
    Dreadwind/Smokejumper $17
    Landfill (Yellow Wal-Mart Variant) $10
    Kay Bee Exclusive Jhiaxus $10

    Entire RiD lot $50 includes shipping

    Armada (all complete with Minicons)
    Terrorsaur $7
    Airazor $7
    Predacon $10 missing instructions
    Adventure Team $3
    Galvatron $15

    Entire Armada Lot: $45 includes shipping

    Transformers Universe
    Dinobot Striker $6
    Dinobot Triceradon $6
    Frostbite $7
    King Atlas $12
    Ratchet $8
    Inferno $8
    Repugnus and Overbite (Hellscream repaint) $10
    Reptillion $5
    Silverbolt $5
    Skydive $6
    Snarl $6

    Entire Universe Lot: $70 includes shipping

    Swerve $40 Loose and complete. Sticker unapplied. *PENDING*

    Cyclonus (Kay Bee Exclusive) $12
    Downshift $7
    Dreadwing $20
    Starscream $6
    Megatron $20
    Mirage $15
    Rodimus $7
    Skyblast $5
    Scorponok $20
    Shockblast $20

    Entire Energon Lot: $100 includes shipping

    Backstop $5
    Brakedown $5
    Clocker $5
    Crosswise $8
    Red Alert $8
    Scattorshot $5
    Snarl $8
    Brimstone $8
    Crumplezone $12
    Dirt Boss $8
    Thundercracker $8
    Undermine $5

    Cybertron Lot $75 shipped

    I also have many loose but complete Star Wars figures and vehicles to sell.

    1995-2000 POTF

    Death Star Escape MIB $9
    Jawa with Gonk Droid $3
    Momaw Nadon Hammerhead $3
    Princess Leia Organa as Jabba’s Prisoner $3
    Princess Leia Organa in Ewok Celebration Outfit $3
    R2-D2 with Launching Lightsaber $5
    R2-D2 with With Spring Loaded Pop-Up Scanner, Remote-Action Retractable Scomp Link, Grasper Arm and Circular Saw $5
    R2-D2 with Princess Leia Hologram (MOSC autographed by Kenny Baker) $25
    Taun Taun with Luke Skywalker $10

    2001 Power of the Jedi

    R4-M9 with Mouse Droid $6
    Queen Amidala Theed Invasion $5

    1996 Shadows of the Empire

    Chewbacca as Bounty Hunter $3

    2002 Saga

    Jango Fett Final Battle $3
    Mace Windu Geonosian Rescue $4
    Republic Gunship $35
    R2-D2 Silver Anniversary MOSC $15

    2005 Revenge of the Sith

    Grievous Wheel Bike with Grievous $15
    Darth Vader MOSC with protective case (bought at "Midnight Madness") $10

    Total Star Wars Lot $160 shipped
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    Feb 3, 2005
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    Updated 7/17/06 with more items and lower prices. Help me buy an air conditioner for my house!
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    Feb 3, 2005
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    Updated 7/24/06

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