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    Hi, I've listed these here, but will be putting most of it on ebay on Sun/Mon (when I'll edit this post as appropriate). I don't have any Junkion feedback yet, but please check out my ebay feedback (2 years + on ebay, 99.7 positive, 343 rating, 452 total +'s, 294 for Selling) :


    I am Paypal Confirmed and Verified. I am located in the UK, I'll ship pretty much anywhere. Payment by Paypal only please, no cash, cheques or money orders. Please PM me for any other info/pics.

    My wants I'll trade for:

    SCF/HOC Ratchet
    SCF Minerva (colour version)
    Decoy Ratchet
    G1 Cassette cases (vintage or re-issue)
    G1 Grandslam w. weapons
    G1 Cassette KO's (i.e. any unusual/recoloured ones, not the SOC re-issues)
    G1 Megs Instr. + Techs
    WST Megs
    WST Starscream
    G1 related books (anything unusual/rare/interesting, in any language, please note I have all the commonly circulated ones)
    Gobots Dozer - with canopy and smokestack/gun
    UK Fleetway Revolver comic Valentine Special from the 90's (really hope someone has this)

    Items for sale/trade:

    G1 Antex Green Cliffjumper MOSC (bubble has cracked, but is still securely sealed)
    G1 Joustra Diaclone Pick-Up/Gears MOSC unpunched
    G1 Cyclonus - no weapon, heavy sticker wear, arms a bit loose
    G1 Tracks - no accessories, some yellowing to white parts, heavy discolouring to blue plastic around cockpit
    Classics Starscream MOSC
    G1 Ultra Magnus Kite MISP
    Metrodome G1 Season 1 boxset (UK PAL) - no postcards included
    Metrodome G1 Season 2 part 1 Boxset (UK PAL)
    E-Hobby Dirge MISB


    G1 Time Warrior Autobot Watch
    G1 Thundercracker - photo version
    G1 Cyclonus
    G1 Crosshairs
    G1 Pointblank
    G1 Barrage
    G1 Chopshop
    G1 Dirge
    G1 Ultra Magnus - Dual language Canadian version
    2x G1 Optimus Prime - these are from the recent KO
    BW Megatron

    Non TF's:

    Xbox360 Saint's Row (UK PAL)
    Xbox360 Perfect Dark Zero - Collector's Tin Case Edition (UK PAL)
    Star Wars Doomworld TPB - Collected Marvel Star Wars comics 1-20
    Star Wars Lego AT-ST - from mini builder set

    New stuff to be added soon.
    Thanks for looking.

    EDIT: I've already had a few PM's, I'll get back to everyone, please be patient with me, and thanks for everyone's interest.

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