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    Well I've written a story that has a few aspasks to the G1 & Movie stories, at first not many will notice, but you'll probably be able to tell. Anyways this story has been on my mind & decided to give it a shot. Well if this story gets a few good impressions I'll post up a 2nd chapter & then on. Oh, & one thing is for sure their not looking for the Allspark. On the plus side I haven't been able to conjure up a title for the story, the only titles that could come to mind is "Genocide", "Alienation", or "World Wide"(which has no reference to the story so I'm going to exclude it). I'm not much of a story teller only a drawer & I'm willing to give this a shot if not then I don't know what to do, but just draw then. Well enjoy & comment on this.

    Chapter 1

    Voice: Optimus. Optimus?
    Optimus: hmm-what? Oh, sorry Ratchet, what was it that you were saying.
    Ratchet: Have you recieved contact from Bluestreak yet?
    Optimus: No, I haven't. Any word from Prowl on Earth?
    Ratchet: Neither. It seems finding the Autobot protoforms won't be such an easy task after all.
    Jazz: Maybe they were destroyed during the landing.
    Optimus: I doubt it, traces of the Ark indicate it is still functional along with everyone on board.
    Jazz: If you can trace the status of the ship, how come you can't trace its location.
    Ratchet: Easy Jazz, we're doing what we can to find them. It seems every contact to Teletraan 1 we try to make, it gets in the way of the human's satellites, which could blow our cover. It would just make an easy find for the humans to get to us.
    Ironhide runs in the room.
    Ironhide: Optimus! Autobots! Bad news! Wheelie has been captured by the humans!
    Optimus: What?! When?
    Ironhide: I just got a hold of feedback from Hound on Earth, he says the interception happened four days ago.
    Optimus: Four?! Why didn't he report then?
    Ironhide: Hound didn't know about the interception 'til a while ago. He said he had been messaging Wheelie even after that time. But he was able to find out that it was not Wheelie.
    Jazz: If it wasn't Wheelie then-the humans!
    Optimus: Report back to Hound to get away from that military base! The messaging with the humans could lead them to finding him & the others, warn Prowl, Bumblebee, & Cliffjumper as well.
    Ratchet & Ironhide resume their posts & each message the Autobots on Earth. On Earth the Autobots: Prowl, Bumblebee, Cliffjumper, & Hound, recieve their orders & escape from their territorials, going somewhere but they don't know where exactly. At Hoover Dam, within the walls of the dam lies the operations of Sector 7. Megatron is being held hostage their in emergency stasis lock, under cryo surge, under an eternal comma. Agent Thade Ornezz walks into a small laboratory, inside there is another S7 agent, Agent LaMana.
    Thade: 'Sup LaMana.
    LaMana: Hey Ornezz, I don't think it's time for your break now.
    Thade: I know, just wanted to stop by to say Hi.
    LaMana: Yeah right, now get out before Simmons sees you back here.
    Thade: The Chief? He won't mind. Oh by the way do you have the coordinates to our E.T.'s.
    LaMana: Yea, Why?
    Thade: Well I think I might have stumbled upon their exact location.
    LaMana: Ya did 'ey. Well let me just bring up the info, & we can track 'em down.
    As LaMana faces the monitor of his computer, Thade takes out his gun & hits LaMana on the back of the head with the butt of his gun. LaMana looks up at Thade with his remaining ounce of strength.
    LaMana: Th-Thade?
    Thade proceeds to hit him again, only to knock him out cold this time.
    Thade: Sorry friend,... had no choice... at all.
    Thade looks through the information in the computer & attaches a flash drive to the system & proceeds to download the coordinates, & deletes what ever is left in the system. He rushes out the room calmly as if nothing occured. He looks down at the flash drive in his hand & grips it. He puts it inside his right pocket. Thade passes by a chamber door that reads: "NBE - 2".
    Thade: I won't let your friends go through what you did. This I Promise.
    He continues to walk even further, with staff members passing by, waving back to those who greet him. He arrives at another chamber, yet this one is much bigger: "NBE - 1". Inside is a gigantic titan of metal, all whom shall know in the near future: Megatron. He is in a cold slumber of cryo being poured on him by staff members from top to bottom. Thade sees the head of Sector 7, Agent Simmons, & greets him.
    Thade: 'Sup Chief.
    Simmons: The name is Simmons, Ornezz, remember it.
    Thade: OK Chief.
    Simmons: Never mind, anyways your not suppose to be here at this time, it's your break.
    Thade: I Kno-wait it's my break already? Huh, time does fly.
    Simmons: You been hitting the wheefer lately, Ornezz?
    Thade: No, sir.
    Simmons: Sure you haven't. Now go on your break before I change my mind to only give you 3 minutes worth.
    Thade: Sure thing Chief... Douche.
    Thade walks outside to his truck. Inside he takes off his suit, & replaces it with a black sweater. He then drives to the other side of the dam, into the S7 jail facility. While so, an agent approaches the small lab & notices LaMana's body & sounds the alarm.

    To Be Continued....

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