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    Est. Shot. - Space, Earth ext. We see a solar panel fly in to the shot from the right as it covers the screen revealing the satalite's name.. As it turns, the camera pulls back and turns to reveal a dark Sillouette. The head moves slowly as the red eyes turn on.
    We recongize this as Soundwave.

    Soundwave then ejects two mini stassis pods toward earth. The Camera follows the pods as they are entering into Earth's atmopshere. While diving in, the two pods divert into two different directions. One north and one west.

    Cut to Niagra falls, Ontario.It is a beautiful crowded day at The Falls. A little kid holding ice cream runs to his family who is near the edge of the falls. The camera pulls back and we see a photographer taking a picture of the family.

    " Cheese! " as the whole family smiles for the camera. The little kid drops a little bit of icecream on his shirt and looks down as the photographer presses the button.

    " How bout one more? I don't think Jamie was ready for that one." the father asks as he and his wife are cleanning the kid's shirt with a wet towel.

    " Sure thing George." " Allllll ready?" and big smile this time! and cheee.."

    Cut to the stasis Pod coming in.

    The photographer.. stops and looks up.

    " What is that? "

    The whole family turns around. People who were on the railings of the falls start backing up.

    The everyone runs in panic as the stasis pod crashes into the falls. A huge wave of water goes vertical and comes back down.

    Everyone starts to go forward to check out what happend. The all look down to see there was nothing.

    Cut to a HDTVscreen.

    " It was big and huge and BOOOM!!! and shhhhhhhh" said the spectator as she motions the water coming back down. in a news report interview.

    News Reporter: So you are saying you saw something big?

    Cut to Ron Witwicky sitting on the couch. As we see it was a complete finished home theatre.

    Ron: " Judy !,Where's the popcorn? the movie is about to start after the news!"

    Judy walks in.

    " Here it is! " as Judy puts a big bowl of freshly made popcorn onto the table.

    Spectator : " Yeah! It was BIG and it hit right into the water. "

    News Reporter: " Well thank you for that, back to you Peter. "

    Peter:" and that's it for our news, for headlines, check back on channel 6 tonight at 11:00" .

    Ron reaches for the remote and switches the TV to HDMI1.

    Judy : "So after 2 years, we are finally finished this home theatre."

    Ron: " Yeah, the government was good enough to pay for everything. Including all the damages."

    Ron puts the dvd into the dvd player.

    Judy :"Thank God that Sam took that big monster alien with him to college. I just couldn't live with it.. shooting everything it sees, and the giant foot prints..."

    " That's one part I didn't like about that. Alien or not.. he still stood on my grass. And I DON'T LIKE PEOPLE OR THINGS ON MY GRASS! "

    The Phone rings.

    Ron picks it up. "Hello?"

    " Dad? ".

    Ron :" Oh Sam.. how have you been? "

    Cut to Sam in dorm.

    Sam: " Good Dad, how is Mom?"

    Ron: " Your mother is great.. we're just about to.." *scramble on the phone*

    Judy: " SAM!" .

    Sam:" Hi Mom..."

    Judy:" How is my little all grown up munchkin?"

    Sam " Your little all grown up munchkin is great Ma. "

    Judy: " Don't tell your father that I put some snacks in your drawer "

    Cut to Ron tapping on Judy's shoulder.

    Ron: " Judy I'm right here. "

    Judy: " Uhh yeah.. here is your father.."

    Judy passes the phone back to Ron.

    Ron: " Sam?"

    Sam: " Dad, I was calling because I just saw the news over in Canada."

    Ron:" Yeah I heard about that. It was on the news. "

    Sam :"Do you think -"

    Suddenly the phone cuts off.

    Sam: " Dad? DAD?! ".

    Mikaela walks into the room.

    Mikaela :" Sam? "

    Sam puts the phone down and turns to Mikaela.

    Sam: " Mikaela, I was on the phone with my parents and now it cut out. "

    Mikaela "Have you redialed?"

    Sam: "No I haven't. "

    Sams starts redialing. No tone.

    Mikaela checks her blackberry.

    Mikalela "Sam, look at this. "

    Cut to the Blackberry screen. On the screen shows a news article that states " Breaking News. X State suffers from power from exploded Nuclear Power Plant."

    " Sam... I'm sorry." said Mikaela

    "Mikaela, do you think that the radation has spread?"

    "I don't know Sam."

    Mikaela hugs Sam.

    "Mikaela, I have to go. I have to check on my parents."

    "Yo Sam, you hear about the nuclear explosion? " Leo exclaims " it's OFF THE HOOK! "

    Sam leaves the room and slams the door.

    " Bad timing Mr Information " Mikaela says to Leo as she leaves and slams the door.

    Leo stands there blank, turns around and goes back into the tech room. " FTJ GUYS FTJ! FTJ! I am sure alien robots are behind this."

    Dylan : "dude, you must've hit your head hard... all the things you've told us from the last year are really bogus. I mean with a giant robot battle over in Egypt.. this 'Fallen' and taking over the Sun? You got to be kidding me."

    Leo :" What I told you is true, and confidential "

    Dylan " Doesn't explain you were unconcious in the hospital ".

    Zach :"Dylan, just drop it. .. Obviously everything is true.."

    Dylan does the " Robot " dance

    Dylan : "I AM TRANSFORM hahahahahaha "

    Dylan and Zach both laugh.
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    " Ok whatever guys.. " said Leo as he leaves the room.

    Cut to Sam and Mikaela driving Bumblebee on the road, as the sun sets.

    Fade the Sun setting to Egypt.

    Cut to Egypt as the sun sets. Two figures stand ontop of the pyramid that is half destroyed.

    Starscream: "Master, I know that you are devastated by the death of the Fallen, but now is time we must retreat- "

    Megatron grabs Starscream by the neck.

    Wide shot of the sillouette of Megatron grabbing Starscream by the neck.

    Megatron: Retreat? Fool. I will rip out your optics the next time you say that word.

    Megatron throws Starscream down the pyramid, as bricks fall Starscream grabs on to solid bricks. Instead, he rips the loose bricks and flies back to Megatron.

    Megatron: " The Matrix of Leadership has alot of untapped energy. It is possible I can gain the ultimate power from this source. If it can resuurect Optimus, it can revive our dead comrades. and give me ultimate power."

    Starscream: It is a good idea Lord Megatron.

    Megatron: There is one way to find where the Matrix.

    Starscream: The boy.

    Cut to Space where Soundwave is still hacking the Satalite.

    Soundwave: Soundwave acknowledges. Laserbeak and Ravage operation locate.

    Cut to Niagra Falls, the camera goes down the great falls and to the bottom. Out of the stasis pod, a square rectangle object pops out.

    From the mist, we see two orange glowing part coming out of the falls and a black and red metallic bird with red glowing energon wings.

    Cut to the Powerplant, the camera pans across into the destroyed rubble as we see a Black cybertronian Cat . It runs toward the camera and it breathes out flame.

    Fade the flame to a dead decepticon, by a warehouse. Standing beside the dead body, we see a familiar foot. As we pan up, we see it's Optimus as he retracts his energon blade.

    More to come soon... let me know what you think guys.
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    no one wants to comment at all? hmm.
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    Very cool so far, but one question. Wasn't Ravage ripped in half? wouldn't we need to use another cassette former? would be a good time for Rumble to show his face. or maybe overkill? Other than that, very entertainging so far.
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    Thanks man, I was thinking Ravage to Soundwave of like a pet, and Soundwave so think of it as like your family dog or cat.. and pretty much there can be more than one.
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    Optimus : That's the 3rd Decepticon this month. Still no sign of Megatron..

    The NEST troops arrive with Sideswipe and Jolt to the scene.

    Lennox gets out of a Hummvee.

    Lennox : He probably has left Earth? At least the public was not aware. Through theses two years our team has been quiet in our hunting. It's good we haven't got any leaks so far.

    Epps steps out of another Hummvee.

    Epps: Yeah I was concerned that our whoop assin' was too awesome.

    Sideswipe and Jolt transforms.

    Sidswipe: It was good of your goverment to claim the Fallen's message to your world as false. That saved our race for being discovered.

    Jolt: Yes, we thank you for that.

    Lennox gets a radio call.

    Lennox: Command just confirmed that Prowl and Ironhide are in pursuit of Barricade. Just several clicks north of here.

    Prime: Let's Roll.

    Optimus , Sideswipe and Volt transforms and leaves with the rest of the Nest team..

    Cut to a mist cover country side road. Then from the back of the camera, 3 cars rush by. First is a Police car, chased by another Police car, followed by Ironhide.

    The camera circles all the 3 cars, watching them weaving and then goes to the side of the 1st Police car. The words" To Punish and Enslave" are all scratched up and the camera goes up to the Front of the car.
    Then Barricade transforms, sees on coming traffic, which he grabs and throws them onto the 2nd Police car. The 2nd Police car swerves and dodges the oncoming flying cars from Barricade and transforms.

    The mysterious Autobot takes out a gun from his back and starts shooting as he is running and dodging all the cars. Barricade looks behind and dodges the oncoming fire. Ironhide behind the mysterious Autobot transforms.

    Ironhide: Prowl, aim for his legs!

    Prowl and Ironhide each shot their weapon at Barricade's legs. Barricade's legs are blown off him completely and his torso and his upper body goes flying up in the air. The rest of Barricade's body lands as Ironhide steps on Barricade's body.

    Ironhide: You think you could run?

    Barricade tries to push Ironhide's huge feet off, but fails.

    Barricade: You don't know what you are doing. The Fallen is only a servant of a greater evil. The end of this pathetic life form planet will come to a end.

    Prowl takes his 2 guns from his back and puts them into a forward position.

    Prowl: You will tell us who that is.

    Barricade: I will tell you nothing, Autobot.

    Prowl leans in more. His dual cannons are now facing Barricade's face.

    Barricade: You can kill me, but you cannot kill the fate of this planet and this insectoid race.
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    Cut to Sam and Mikaela arriving in town. The whole town is destroyed.

    Sam: Oh no...

    They arrive at the Witwicky house. The house is torn apart and destroyed.

    Sam tries to open the door. Bumblebee play's 'oooh baby it's too dangerous'.

    Sam: Bee let me out now!

    Mikaela : Bumblebee's right, it's too dangerous with the radiation.

    Sam: maybe there is none.. I have to find my parents!

    Mikaela: Sam! NO!

    Sam kicks the door open. and runs into the house. Through tons rubble, he finds Ron and Judy on the 2nd level of the house. There was a huge whole blown in the side of the house.

    Sam: Dad! Mom!

    Ron and Judy were badly injured. Judy is unconscience. Sam goes down on his knees next to Ron.

    Ron: Sam, it was a helicopter... not the power plant............ Friend told me... Power Plant is contained.. radiation...

    Sam: Dad..

    Mikalea runs in.

    Mikaela : Sam!

    Mikaela goes to Judy. She checks her pulse.

    Mikaela: She's still breathing.

    Sam: Mikaela, my parents told me that it was a Helicopter, that shot the house.. it wasn't the explosion from the power plant. He told me tha....

    Ron: Sam.. look at me..

    Ron grabs Sam.

    Sam: Dad...

    Sam starts crying.

    Ron: I don't have long...... to live.. you take .. care of Mikaela..... remember this.. Sam.. No Sacrafice....

    Sam: No Victory.

    Ron closes his eyes.

    Sam puts his head down crying...

    Mikaela crawls over to Sam and embraces him.

    Sam: Dad.. Mom...

    Then he hears a helicopter.

    An Apache AH-64 rises up from the horizon and starts shooting through the hole, bullets fly through everywhere.

    Sam takes Mikaela's hand and runs for cover.

    Sam: Bumblebee!

    Sam see Bumblebee through the big gaps in the house.. from a yellow Camaro flooring it into transforming mid air into robot mode. Camera pans around the big gaps to the outside where Bumblebee has grabbed on the chopper's tail.

    Bumblebee swings the Apache on it's tail and the chopper looses control.
    Then fluidly, it transforms, and sends a rotar hurling towards Bumblebee.

    Bumblebee then runs forward and jumps ontop of the spinning rotar to gain lift a little bit.
    From there, he jumps higher and lands on the decepticon's shoulders.

    The decepitcon tries to shake bumblebee off, but Bumblebee grabs the decepticon's head in a headlock with his left arm,
    he takes his right hand cannon and blows the head off the Decepticon.

    Cut to Soundwave in space

    Soundwave: Decepticons.. we have located the boy.
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    Keep it coming, very cool.
    what this Helicopter's name?
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    it never had a name lol.. random decepticon. lol.
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    Istanbul, Turkey
    AWESOME line!!!
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    dude this is sooooo better than my version! I h8 u for that!
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    Thanks guys. Continuing.

    Cut to Optimus, Sidswipe and Jolt with the Nest Team on the road. Along the road, they see smoke along the side. Tons of scrap metal parts lay everywhere.

    As they arrive they see Ironhide and Prowl.

    Optimus transforms.

    Optimus : Good to see you Prowl.

    Lennox and Epps get out of their respective Humvees.

    Prowl: Optimus, Barricade isn't going anywhere this time.

    Optimus: Good job Prowl.

    Ironhide: Optimus, Barricade said something about the end of Earth. Do you know anything about that.

    Optimus: Let's ask him again.

    Optimus takes out his energon blade.

    Barricade: Kill me, you don't have the circuits to do it .. You cannot stop what are ancestors have started. They have seen the future. Humanity will be destroyed if you like it or not----

    Ironhide: I had enough of this!

    Ironhide walks up and blows a huge hole in Barricade's chest.

    Epps: So this end of the world stuff.. it's all fake right?

    Lennox: I don't know. Could be..

    Prowl: I did see something back in the information archives before I left Cybertron. I figured there was some sort of connection between Our race and the Humans.

    Prowl ejects a disc from his side and hands it to Jolt.

    Jolt takes his hand out and a hologram appears of what a disc and a weird design.

    Epps: looks like some sort of disc of some sort.

    Lennox: I know someone who could probably tell us what this is. Get me a phone.

    Cut to Washington DC. and we see Megatron and Starscream land on a nearby building near the White House.

    Starscream: What are we doing here?

    Megatron: The boy may not be enough.He still holds the codes in his mind for the energon source. We also need the person who leads this race.

    Starscream: He can lead us to the location to the Matrix. From what I gather my Lord, the Leader of the Humans is in that building over there.

    Megatron and Starscream both transform into vehicle mode and fly to the Washington Monument.
    Starscream banks off the monument and circles.

    Cut to a group of Tourists lead by a Tour guide.

    Tour Guide: And this tall statue is called the Washington Monument. It was built in honor of George Washington, who led the country to independence and then became its first President. The Monument is shaped like an Egyptian obelisk, stands 555’ 5 1/8...

    A tourist notice Megatron flying to the monument and transforms. Megatron holds on to the tip of the monument.

    Tourist: Look! What is that?

    The whole Tourist group gather together and start taking quick pictures.

    Right behind the monument, Starscream (in jet mode) flys and banks off the monument and circles.

    Tourist: Is that supposed to happen?

    Tour Guide: RUN! RUN!!!!

    Then Starscream starts shooting them with his gattling guns, tearing one the ground. People scream and run in chaos.

    Megatron: Let this be known, we are not hiding anymore! The leader of the Human race.. come forth!

    Cut to Soundwave in space.

    Soundwave: Decepticons, being our assault.

    cut to NEST Base.

    Intel Soldier looks at the screen infront of him and sees 5 unidentified signals coming from space.

    Intel Soldier: General Morshower, I see 5 UID's at the radar.

    Morshower: Where are they headed?

    Intel Soldier: Projected path is -77° 2' 7"and 38° 53' 22". Washington Square.

    Morshower: Give NEST Team the go. Notify every squadron, we are under attack.

    Intel Soldier 2: General, there is 5 more unidentified signals coming from space.

    Morshower: The same ones?

    Intel Soldier2: Negative, 5 different ones Sir.

    Morshower: Get me a radio contact to Major Lennox.
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    anyone else like this?
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    Cut to Bumblebee, Sam and Mikaela. They just finished putting Sam's parents into the back seat.

    Mikaela: I'm sorry Sam.

    They embrace.

    Sam then notices in the debris and dust a black shadow in a figure of a cat.

    Mikaela: Sam?

    Sam: We have to go.

    Then we see Ravage sticks it's head out through the dust and begins to run forward.

    Sam: No ...NO NO NO NO... GO GO GO....

    Sam and Mikaela get in Bumblebee, and they floor it.

    Ravage keeps on running and takes out it's back gattling guns and starts shooting Bumblebee.

    Sam: Bumblebee, whatever you do, don't transform.

    Bumblebee's radio plays " Sir we are under attack "

    Sam: I know, just hold on.

    Sam activiates Bumblebee's GPS.

    Sam: Ok, the Twins are just several miles from here.

    Ravage keeps on chasing and and laying down fire from Bumblebee.

    Cut to Nest Team, Optimus, Ironhide, Sideswipe, Volt and Prowl on the road.

    Lennox on cell: Simmons?

    Simmons: Yeah that's me.

    Lennox: This is Lennox from NEST. We have a mysterious symbol that I don't know if you can help us.

    Simmons: Ok... we need to meet. Library of Commons Washington.

    Lennox: We'll be there.

    Nest Soldier comes up behind Lennox

    Nest Soldier: Sir, it's Command.

    Cut to Downtown, Washington D.C.

    A grand view of Washington Downtown, and then we set a couple of F-16 jets on the way. People on the street see the F-16s, then they see something behind them. The 5 Stasis Pods come crashing down into nearby buildings, completely crumpling them.

    Open in the midst and ruble, 5 F16's emerge and blast off.

    Cut to Washington Monument where Starscream and Megatron has compeltely destroyed the way to the White House.

    We then see the 5 F16s arrive and they transform.

    Starscream transforms.

    Starscream: Ah you finally arrived. Thundercracker, Skywarp, Thrust, Ramjet and Dirge. Now go and destruct chaos!

    Megatron slaps Starscream in the face with his clawed hand.

    Megatron: Idiot, do NOT destroy the White House.

    Starscream: Yes Lord Megatron.

    Starscream turns to the Seekers

    Starscream: You heard Lord Megatron.

    The Seekers transform and leaves. They then go and start doing ground attacks on local streets.

    Megatron jumps down from the Monument and begins to walks slowly to the White house.

    The F16s fly by and sees Megatron, but then they are destroyed by the Seekers who are right behind them right before they could target him.

    Starscream transforms and lands right beside Megatron.

    Megatron: I have a familiar face friend who I want you to meet personally. I want you to bring him here.

    Starscream: Yes Lord Megatron.

    Starscream transforms and lifts off.
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    The camera follows Starscream as he goes up high into the air and sees 5 more Stassis pods coming down. He scans one and follows it down.

    That one stassis pod slams into the ground and right beside a Black Peterbuilt with neon green and White flames with red tinted Windows.

    Starscream transforms and stands beside the pod.

    Starscream: Lord Megatron requests your presence.

    In the smoke, a big robot rises up with glowing red eyes.

    Unknown Con grabs Starscream by the throat through the smoke and looks at him. Then he throws him into a building right beside him.

    Unknown Con: Let's Go.

    Unknown Con transforms then vanishes. Then We hear a sonic boom which shatters all the windows. Starscream crawls out of the debris and looks around. Nemesis Prime is no where to be seen. Starscream then transforms and leaves.

    Cut to a the warehouse where we see Skids and Mudflap chatting.

    Skids: This is sooo boring yo.

    Mudflap: Yeah. Nothing to do.

    Mudflap finds a book on the floor.

    Mudflap: Hmmm what is this.

    Skids: Let me see that Mudflap.

    Skids reads through the whole book in a couple of seconds.

    Skids: Well this language is much easier to read.

    Mudflap: So what's it say?

    Skids: Well it's nothing special really. Talked about the 'possible' end of the World for Earth.

    Mudflap: Yo that's radical dawg.

    Skids: I know, this human tribe called the "Mayans" and somehow their god gave them signs that the end of the Earth will come in their calender of December 2012.

    Mudflap points to the book.

    Mudflap: Look at this! Says here that those tribe-mayans always checked out the stars and have came up with this Calender.

    Mudflap reads more

    Mudflap: This 'calender' says what has happend and what is going to happen.

    Skids: I remember back on the old days on Cybertron where they taught us about The elders came to this planet. The elders not only gave the humans a chance, they gave them to a certain day.

    Mudflap: Oh that is right dog! The when the Elders left this planet. They said they gave out 13 of some human shaped skulls.

    Skids: Each for the 13 Primes right?

    Mudflap. Exactly.So that the Fallen cannot achieve great Ultimate Power.

    Skids: Also says here that the 13 Skulls have some kind of mystical energy bounded to them.

    Mudflap: Yeah We are 'Mystical' hahaha..

    Skids: shut up

    Skids punches Mudflap.

    Mudflap: owww! That hurt.

    Skids: So what is...hey.. what is that?

    Skids hear gunfire.

    Skids: Let's go bro!

    Mudflap: Yeah!

    They both transform into their respective vehicle modes and drive off, destroying the front door of the warehouse.

    Cut to Bumblebee coming down the road, still being chased by Ravage.

    Sam rolls down the window


    Skids and Mudflap transform and they both start shooting Ravage while Bumblebee gets into cover.

    Ravage the jumps on the back of Skids

    Skids: Get it off me! Get it off me!

    Mudflap grabs Ravage and it's struggling to break free.

    A cybertonian yell and we see from the sky the two familiar energon glowing parts. We recongize it's Laserbeak. It swoops down and tackles Mudflap to the ground.

    Ravage gets free and he starts using his flame thrower on Mudflap. Skids tackles Ravage on the ground and Laserbeak starts shooting lasers from it's wings.

    Mudflap gets up and jumps on laser beak.

    Mudflap: hey! No double teaming!

    He grabs it and launches it into the ground. With it's head in the ground,

    Mudflap uses his big hand and smashes it into the ground

    Mudlflap: You can't fly with these.

    Then he uses both of his hands and tears it's wings apart.

    Skids then takes Ravage and gives it a uppercut with his big fist hand knocking Ravage down.

    Ravage keeps on firing his cannons.This fires everywhere.

    Sam and the others get into cover while it almost hits them.

    Skids: You don't need these anymore.

    Then Skids rips off the two gattling blasters. Ravage screams. While it is screaming, it breathes fire on to Skids.

    Skids: Flame me? I"m gonna bust yo face up!

    Then Skids smashes Ravages head on the ground.

    Both of the Twins breathe a sigh of relief.
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    Dude, this is awesome stuff. Keep it coming.
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    Thanks for the comment Shockwaved.

    Skids: Yo that was AWE-SOME.

    Mudflap : YA totally.

    *BRO FIST*

    Cut to Lennox with Autobots & NEST team.

    Lennox: Affirmative Sir. But we got informed that has something to do with the end of the World. It is some sort of Disc that one of the Autobots told us about.

    Morshower: So do you have any idea of when it's about?

    Lennox: none of the Autobots can read it Sir. But we have a source that we can meet with an identifiy this language.

    Morshower: Ok Major. We will need some back up so if you can send half your team there for support will be appreciated.

    Lennox: Yes Sir.

    Lennox turns off the radio.

    Lennox: Ok. I just been informed that the White House is under attack. I want Sideswipe,Prowl and Ironhide with the rest of NEST team to Washington, to defend the White House. Optimus and I will go to Agent Simmons and we will go from there.

    Epps, you are in charge. Call me if there is anything.

    Optimus Transforms and Lennox climbs in.

    Epps: Yes Sir. Let's move out.

    Sideswipe, Prowl and Ironhide transform and they leave with the Nest team.

    Cut to the White House. We see Megs' tread feet on destroyed, scortched earth. Then we hear a sonic boom. Then a we see a Black Peterbilt appears right beside Megatron.

    Megatron: Nemesis Prime.

    The Black Peterbilt transforms into a familiar face, it looks like Optimus. The red eyes blaze as his head pops out.

    Nemesis Prime: Lord Megatron. We meet again.

    Megatron: Yes. now is the time we must strike. I know you and I have our differences, but we have to set this aside.

    Nemesis Prime ejects his energon blade, which is a a red glowing one and examines it.

    Nemesis Prime: What have you come to seek?

    Megatron: Ultimate Power.

    Nemesis Prime: The end of this world is near, Megatron. It will suffer my wrath.

    Nemesis Prime takes his blade to Megatrons neck.

    Megatron: There maybe only one who can stop you. Optimus.

    Nemesis Prime: Optimus Prime fears one thing. Himself. You would think I would choose to scan another form? No. To defeat Optimus Prime, You must Be him. Then you will know how to defeat him.

    Megatron: He fears nobody but me. I have killed him-

    Nemesis Prime: but yet he still lives. He tries to protect this world. This pathetic race have indeed grown smart. Our ancestors have predicted this.

    Nemesis Prime retracts his blade.

    Megatron: They have grown smart. A boy by the name 'Witwicky' learned that the All Spark has permamently coded his brain with the energon source that we still need.

    Nemesis Prime: Yes. It has transformed. The Fallen was a fool, Yet he is right. It can only Transform.There is more than meets the eye when you look in to the codes, Megatron.
    They are more than just the location markings of a energon source.

    Starscream flies in and transforms. He lands right infront of Megatron and Nemesis Prime.

    Starscream: Lord Megatron, I apologize for being late and a bearer of bad news.

    Megatron: What is it?

    Starscream: I have spotted the Humans and the some of the Autobots are headed this way. Not too far now.

    Nemesis Prime: Optimus is mine.

    Starscream: sorry to dissapoint yet again, Nemesis Prime, Optimus is not with them.

    Nemesis Prime kicks starscream in the chest area. Then he puts his foot ontop of his chest. He leans in as his feet is starting to crush Starscream's chest.

    Nemesis Prime: Then find him!

    Nemesis Prime lets Starscream go. Starscream stands up holding his chest, bleeding off blue energon. He transforms and leaves.

    Nemesis turns to Megatron.

    Nemesis Prime: Optimus's spark will be mine.

    Megatron takes out his fusion canon and shoots the ground of the White House.

    Megatron: Come out Leader of the Earthlings. Or I will destroy your city.

    There was no response from the White House.

    Cut to the Inside of the WHite House, we see the President in a Elevator, heading to lower ground. Into the fallout shelter under the White House.

    Nemesis Prime walks up to the White House and and ejects his blade. He begins to slice and dice the whole building untill there was nothing left.

    Then he sees part of a elevator shaft heading towards the ground.

    Megatron walks up to Nemesis Prime and grabs the elevator from underneath the ground. Then with his hand, he splits the elevator door exposing the inside of it. He grabs the President and drops the elevator to the ground, killing everybody instantly inside.

    Megatron: You, earthling, and I will have a little chat.
  19. Razorwing

    Razorwing The Fallen Alternity.

    May 23, 2007
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    Cut to Optimus and Lennox arriving at the Library of COngress.

    Lennox: Optimus, I'm sorry but if you go inside the building..

    Optimus: Yes I know.

    Lennox gets out and heads toward the Library. Going up the stairs, he sees a stranger behind the pole. Wearing a Fedora and a long coat.

    Stranger: Pssst!

    Lennox looks and see as the Stranger tips his hat as he reveals himself as Simmons.

    Simmons whipsers: Let's go..

    Lennox follows Simmons into the Library then they hide in a corner.

    Simmons whispers: Well?

    Lennox: Well what?

    Simmons: you were saying?

    Lennox: Right the image.

    Lennox takes out a small card which transforms into a mini projector.

    Simmons points to it.

    Simmons: I have seen that before somewhere. Not exactly in our generation but-

    Lennox: Just show me something about it.

    Simmons blankly stares.

    Simmons: right! Follow me and keep it down.

    Lennox rolls his eyes and follows him.

    Simmons gets on a computer and types in Search old egyptian history.A bunch of books came up from Pharoahs to the Pyramids.

    Simmons does another search. Types in Old pyramids. Then something came up. Mayan pyramids.

    Lennox: Mayan pyramids?

    Simmons: It's an really old native civilization. They researched on stars and .. well well look what we have here.

    Lennox: The Disc.

    Simmons: It's more of a Calender.

    Lennox: Wait

    Lennox leaves Simmons to try to find the book.

    Lennox goes up and down through sections and sections untill he finds the label 09-1784 and he pulls it out. He flips to the back for references. His finger going up and down and finaly goes to the word. Mayan Calander, page 86.

    Simmons finds him and looks over Lennox's shoulders to see.

    Lennox reads: .... and the link to salvation is to find 13 Skulls that the Gods gave them, or the Gods will smite the world and start anew.

    Simmons: 13 Skulls.. can't be.

    Lennox: What is it?

    Simmons: The 13 Crystal skulls. I've read this somewhere. The 13 skulls are the Skulls that have some sort of magical power. It is said that the world has to find these 13 skulls and give them back to the God so that their God won't well practically putting it,
    to End the World. Also, when I was finding the glyphs for the kid with the bad temper...

    Lennox: You mean Sam?

    Simmons: Yes him, I had photographs of glyphs from researchers and scientist from all around the World. Project Blackknife.

    Lennox: Do you think there is a connection between the glyphs and the Transformers?

    Simmons: My bet would be a yes. But since we don't know how to read the glyphs we can't really tell. ONly if big old robot daddy was here.

    Lennox: The Late Jetfire.

    Simmons: Wait. Last time, Kid came with his crimminal girlfriend and she brought along a decepticon. It was he who showed us where the old Transformers are on the map.

    Lennox: Great. We need to get to Optimus.

    Simmons: OK! Let's go.

    Cut to Sam walking to the Twins at the Warehouse.

    Sam: Are you guys ok?

    Skids: Been better yo

    Mudflap: Why is he chasin'you guys anyways?

    Sam: I don't know.

    Skids: You still seeing Signs dawg?

    Sam: Not anymore, not since the Fallen was killed by Optimus 2 years ago.

    Mudflap: Well like it or not bro, we the Decepticons are after you.

    Sam: I didn't do anything.

    Skids: Maybe Megatron still wants yo ass.

    Sam: Maybe? He said the codes in my head was a source of Energon.

    Mudflap: Energon?! That's something we'd like to have right now. Refreshes us with fun power!

    Sam: Wouldn't Megatron want that power?

    Skids: Energon is like the water you humans drink. But we just need a little bit to put us into buisness for a couple 100 years.

    Mudflap: Yeah that's right. The more energon we Transformers consume, the more powerfull we get.

    Sam: So is it possible, that too much energon can kill you?

    Skids: No that we know of. Us Autobots are only allowed a certian amount. I don't know about those decepti punks.

    Sam: But it's an energy right? Like the All Spark and THe Matrix of Leadership.

    Mudflap: you got that right dog. But those are 'mythical', nobody knows how that power is made.

    Skids: There is probably a way.

    Skids goes back to the Warehouse. We see Mikaela and Bumblebee sitting together ontop of some boxes. Skids then picks up the same book.

    Mudflap: What's on yo mind?

    Skids: I remember in this book, it said something about the 13 Skulls that our Elders gave out.

    Sam: Mayan? I read then for a lecture just this past week

    Mudflap: 13 Skulls and the Matrix are the key to save Earth?

    Skids gives his brother props.

    Skids: Right on!

    Sam: I remember from the lecture that the 13 Skulls emit power.. that Power.. OF COURSE.

    Mikaela runs up to Sam

    Mikaela: What's going on?

    Sam: The Power.. is the Energon source. Each of the 13 Skulls combined will make a power.. a power that so great that it can be terrible in the hands of a decepticon.

    Skids: So that's what the old Decepticons were looking for.. for all these years.

    Mikaela: So Jetfire was right.

    Sam: and the symbols that were in my head.. are probably the location of the 13 skulls. Megatron was right about the Energon source.

    Mudflap: maybe if it is combined with the Matrix.. whoever owns that power will be unstoppable yo. He'd be like invincible.

    Sam: We have to get to Optimus. But I dont'have the symbols in my head anymore.

    Mikaela: Didn't you paint them on the Wall back at the Dorm? I remember Leo being the freak that he is, not to wash the paint off.

    Sam: All right good thinking Mikaela. Let's go!

    So Skids and Mudflap transform and Sam and Mikaela get into Bumblebee and they drive off into the darkness.

    Cut to Washington DC, it starting to down pour. Ironhide, Sideswipe, Jolt and the Nest team lead by Epps arrive on scene. The Autobots transform.

    Ironhide: We're too late.
  20. Razorwing

    Razorwing The Fallen Alternity.

    May 23, 2007
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    anyone else liking this? Comments appreciated.

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