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    Hello, I am new here! Thought I might just want to share a fanfiction of mine, its not completed yet. Exams are coming up as well, I'll just post the first chap first =D

    Chapter 1: Barricade
    Neo City was naturally a very busy city, but because of an incident another day, the city was nearly shut down.

    “This sector’s clear. I haven’t seen anything else except my own men,” crackled a voice over a comm. link. 3 cream colored 19 feet humanoid robots were patrolling around the deserted Neo City.
    The city was put on red alert and evacuated when there were some UFOs flying around the city earlier and randomly destroying buildings. Soon after that, the military came in to take care of the situation.
    The 3 robots, which came to known as Sprites, walked past a line of cars and in the line of cars was a black Saleen S281 police car. The Sprites walked past it, unaware of the danger the said car could possess.
    “There are still nothing around, and hours earlier, explosions everywhere!”
    “This is wasting our time,”
    “Can you two, for once, in the past few hours, quit complaining!” said the leader of the trio, which was identified by the red stripes on the shoulder of the Sprite.
    Quietly, the Saleen police car drove out from the line of cars and parked behind the Sprites. The Sprites turned around to see the police car parked there, looking very innocent.
    “What the-“
    “Spread out!” the leader of the trio barked out loud; all 3 Sprites scattered and surrounded the vehicle.
    “No signs of life… No driver?” said one of the pilots of the Sprites. He was pointing his machine gun at the rear of the police car.
    “There must be somebody!” The leader then switched his audio output to the loudspeaker. “Exit your vehicle immediately!”
    Neither driver, nor passenger stepped out of the police car; because there weren’t anybody in it at all.
    “You believe those things?”
    Then, almost suddenly, the police car gave an almost violent jerk as its hood split, its doors sliding, windows folding, and rear folding in. It stood up on two feet that were formed by the back of the car. Standing in the middle of the 3 Sprites, was a violent, sharp, 16 feet bipedal robot.
    It gave a strange sort of silent but deep screech. This, if translated to our common English, would mean ‘Barricade, reporting,’


    The 3 pilots sat in their cockpits, surprised at such amazing technology. Sure humans had transformable robots, but, this, looked way advance. Almost making their transformable robots look pathetic.
    The robot in the middle, Barricade, looked up into the eyes of the lead Sprite.
    “OPEN FIRE!” A loud voice called over the comm. link and loudspeaker.
    All 3 Sprites fired their machine guns, the empty shells shooting out from the gun and bouncing on the tar road, which now sagged under the pressure of the heavy robots.
    Barricade, jumped out of the line of bullets and head butted the Sprite who turned to see where he had jumped.
    “Shit!” cursed the other Sprite pilot, as his machine gun emptied. He reached for his extra magazine. Before he could even stretch his Sprites arm to reach for the magazine, Barricade had already attacked his next target.
    “HQ, we’re under attack! Unknown tar- SHIT!” The leader looked up from his radio and saw Barricade pulling his hand back and then sending his sharp fingers forward into his cockpit.
    The Sprite that had been head butted down called to his comm. “Lead’s down! HQ, do you read me?”
    “This is HQ, what is your coordina-“
    “Hold on!” He raised his machine gun and fired at Barricade who was charging at his reloading teammate. But too late, his bullets bounced off Barricade’s shoulder guard as Barricade tore through his teammate’s cockpit with his powerful hydraulic arms.
    “This is HQ! What is your coordinate soldier?! Calm down!”
    Barricade turned to face him.
    “Calm down?! HQ, THIS ALIEN INFRONT OF ME JUST TOOK DOWN TWO OF MY TEAMMATES IN LESS THAN 5 MINUTES!” His voice crackled out of the audio output in the HQ frightening everyone.
    He pulled the trigger and fired his machine gun. But the alien robot in front of him seemed bulletproof as his bullets bounced off his metal plates. The pleas from HQ were deaf to him as panic took over. Barricade drew his weapon and fired two rockets to the legs of the Sprite, sending it crashing down onto the road and into a lamppost.
    The Sprite struggled to look at Barricade as it had fallen down face first. Before the Sprite could train its optics on Barricade, Barricade aimed a kick at its head and its head rolled away.
    Everything in the cockpit went dark, sensors turning off, audio receptors going offline and lights turning off. The pilot gulped and grabbed his emergency pistol. His grip was deathly on his pistol, his knuckles white as he expected the alien robot to rip out the cockpit.
    Suddenly sparks sprang into the cockpit. He jumped in surprised and looked up and saw what seemed to be a small saw cutting a hole on the roof of his cockpit.
    The circular piece of metal that was cut out of the roof of his cockpit was pulled away violently. Light poured in. The pilot’s hand shivered as his index finger trained on the trigger of his pistol. Small metal hands gripped the sides of the hole and something skeletal, something thin, something deadly, leaped in, saws and cutting tools blazing. All the pilot could do was pulling the trigger.
    A familiar looking Saleen police car was parked outside the fallen torso of the Sprite. Gunshots echoed out from the cockpit of the Sprite. Then blood splattered out from the hole on the cockpit. A skeletal robot climbed out, covered in a bit of blood.
    Barricade, in his alternate mode, lowered his window. ‘Frenzy, get in,’
    Frenzy, the skeletal robot, jumped into the open window of the Saleen police car, cackling maniacally.

    Hope for comments Hehe

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