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    Okay, I had a problem on ebay (one reason I absolutely hate ebay). Plus, I am not used to it and is new at it.

    For these past two weeks (another two weeks before is when I made the purchase), all the sellers that I paid by money order complained that they didn't get them and I was in contact with them everyday. I gave them the mo number info and the date, I message them I'll do something about it, and tried to snuff out any bull. I got skeptical when they claimed they didn't get the money orders, some of the money orders mailed with the ebayers money orders were going to board members and they all receive them (except one that had to wait the same time as the ebayers). Anyway, some filed unpaid reminders. Long story short, they finally got the money orders. The day I finally have time to go to the post office to file the money order forms (thankfully, I didn't write the full addresses on on the receipts so I couldn't file them; saved so much money). They got their money order that very day I came home. They said the stuff is on the way or remove the dispute reminder and thank me for being so cooperative (hey no complaints from me as long as I get the stuff and no negatives). For two of the ebayers that didn't message me or confirm that payment was receive, I message them. One said she receive it and one didn't. He said he didn't but EVERYONE else did (even that lone board member got it). The thing is that I mailed all the money orders on the same day and that initially the ones didn't get the money orders all receive the theirs except him . I know he's feeding me some bull, since everyone else got the money order on the same day! He then message me today to say he didn't get it, and will ship the item once he gets the payment. That same day he message me, he proceeds to give me an unpaid strike. He gets Final Value Fee credit, whatever that is.

    What the hell? I thought he was going to wait it out.

    Now...I got the MO receipt and could get the strike remove by appealing, as soon as I find out who to e-mail first. But something seems off.

    I know he's up to something. At the time, the payment sent was for stuff that was on sale almost half off (I think 60%). He had four at the time when I purchase one from him. After the strike against me, I check to see that the item now is currently 5% off, which only has one of right now. I think he re-listed the item under the same auction number, since I checked purchases and four people (three unknowns and myself) so far have bought the item. So how he end up with five is very off.

    My order detail (e-mail invoice) still quotes the original sale price.

    So what should I do? I know I can file the money order post office form, but I am not sure if he cashed the money order and it would be $5. It wouldn't be worth it since the total was around $10 and the time waiting plus the strike and negatives against me. I can try shaking him up by saying I did, but then I might tip him off on what I am going to do and might do something else sneaky. Someone might buy the item, and I wouldn't be able to get the item or my money back because it's sort of an odd situation. What else can he do? I am really worried since I only have very little feedback and I know the strike will be final after 60 days from purchase so I have about two and half weeks left to do anything.

    So far, I haven't done anything yet. Any help or advice would be greatly greatly needed and wanted. Thank you for read my rant/plea.

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