UNLOADING Collection - Exclusive MOVIE and CLASSICS MISB

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    Finally parting with some sealed goodies from my collection:

    [ebaylink=280255536270]FUSION CLUSTER Protoform Set MISB[/ebaylink]
    Includes Optimus Prime and Starscream

    [ebaylink=280255524873]Classics - ULTRA MAGNUS vs SKYWARP MISB[/ebaylink]

    [ebaylink=280255910738]Movie LEGENDS Lot MISB[/ebaylink]
    3 Figure Lot: Optimus Prime, Jazz, Barricade

    [ebaylink=280255916887]Movie TITANIUM Collection MISB[/ebaylink]
    6 Figure Lot: Bumblebee, Jazz, Ratchet, Brawl, Megatron, and Blackout

    [ebaylink=280255888086]Movie Voyager - Thundercracker MISB[/ebaylink]

    [ebaylink=280255893469]Movie Voyager - Starscream G1 Deco MISB[/ebaylink]

    [ebaylink=280255895701]Movie Voyager - Rescue Ratchet G1 Deco MISB[/ebaylink]

    [ebaylink=280255902989]Movie Deluxe - BATTLE DAMAGE Bumblebee 2 Pack MISB[/ebaylink]
    Target Exclusive 2-Pack

    [ebaylink=280255907005]Movie Deluxe - Concept Camaro BUMBLEBEE and WRECKAGE Set MISB[/ebaylink]

    More to go soon!
    Thanks for looking!

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