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    Hey guys! This is the script to my upcoming comic strips "Transformers: Unknown" it is my own original Transformers Universe that harbors characters from G1, Armada, and even Beast Wars. After some thinking I've decided to not have the comic focus around my original character, Grimwave, but to have it focus around the Decepticons as a whole, as a matter of fact, Grimwave isn't even in it anymore. Also, this isn't it, the whole script isn't done yet, I'll update it as i go along. Here we go:

    Transformers: Unknown
    Part One – New Arrival

    Narration – Earth

    A Decepticon Pod crashes down in a wooded area next to suburbia. A small hovering drone is ejected from the pod and places itself over a rusty 1989 Ford F-150 Pickup Truck.

    Drone – Scanning…

    The drone scans the pickup.

    Drone - …scanning complete.

    The drone returns to the pod, the pod door opens, and the Decepticon Chop Shop stands up and looks around. He shudders.

    Chop Shop – Damn! This planet is worse than Shockwave ever described!

    Chop Shop exits the woods in his new change-form and speeds speedily down the street. The Decepticon Soundwave makes contact with Chop Shop via com-link

    Soundwave – Chop Shop, meet me at the following coordinates for a briefing on your mission.

    Soundwave transfers the coordinates to Chop Shop

    Chop Shop – Rodger that.

    Chop Shop makes a screeching turn towards the rendezvous point.

    Narration – The Local Airport

    Chop Shop pulls into the airport and transforms, awaiting Soundwave. Then a blue Scion xB pulls in blasting loud Rock and Roll music through a modified stereo system. It’s Soundwave

    Chop Shop – There’s a surprise

    Soundwave transforms and speaks to Chop Shop

    Soundwave – Don’t be a wise ass Chop Shop, you’re on this retched planet for a reason and you know that.

    Chop Shop – Sorry…

    Soundwave – As you already know, last night at 1900 hours Earth time, an unknown Decepticon traitor attempted to assassinate our Lord Megatron, and almost succeeded…

    Chop Shop – Who was it?!

    Soundwave – I was getting to that. As I was saying; further investigation revealed to attempted murderer to be none other than Starscream! He’s tried this before, but never gotten this close to victory, and as our best bounty hunter, it is you mission, your duty, to bring this traitor down!

    Chop Shop salutes Soundwave

    Chop Shop – It’s an honor sir!

    Soundwave – Quite

    Chop Shop transforms and drives away into towards the rising sun, determined to kill Starscream.

    Part Two – Autobot Hindrance

    Narration – Earth

    Chop Shop drives steadily down a city street as a large white firetruck turns a corner and begins to pursue him, sirens blaring. The firetruck drives past him and begins to barrel role, transforming into the Autobot General, Ultra Magnus.

    Ultra Magnus – You shall not pass!

    Ultra Magnus slams the pole of a large Energon Hammer down on the ground

    Chop Shop – Not a chance!

    Chop Shop drives around Ultra Magnus, transforms, and draws dual shotguns, showering the Autobot in bullets.

    Ultra Magnus – Gah! Damn you Decepticon menace!

    Ultra Magnus swings at Chop Shop with his hammer and sends him flying into a nearby building. Ultra Magnus stands over Chop Shop with a gun in his face.

    Ultra Magnus - Now…I have you right where I want you

    All of a sudden Soundwave turns a nearby corner and jumps out of his change-form, sporting dual rotary cannons.

    Chop Shop – Wanna bet?

    Ultra Magnus – What the…

    The Autobot turns just in time to be showered with bullets, again, and have Soundwave land on top of him. He reaches for his gun but Soundwave kicks it away.

    Soundwave – It’s not nice to attack an innocent Decepticon.

    Ultra Magnus – I’m not stupid, no Decepticon is innocent!

    Soundwave – You’d be surprised.

    Soundwave delivers a shot to Ultra Magnus’ head and looks up at Chop Shop

    Soundwave – This Autobot won’t bother you anymore. Now go! Don’t forget your mission!

    Chop Shop nods at Soundwave, turns, and drives away, nearing the end of his hunt for the traitor Starscream

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