Universe United (a Transformers, Marvel, GI Joe, Thundercats, etc adventure

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    Dramatis Persona, Prelude
    Megatron, Decepticon Supreme Commander (Henkei Body)
    Soundwave, Decepticon Communications (Music Label body)
    Starscream, Decepticon Air Commander, Backstabber, Punching Bag (Universe 2.0 Body)
    Lugnut, Decepticon Enforcer (RTS Body)
    Rumble, Decepticon Demolitions, Blue (RTS/ United Body)

    Cobra Commander, Human Male, Terrorist, Er Evil Organization Commnder (Classic Look)
    Doctor Doom, Human Male, Future World Ruler (Current Armor)

    The Watcher, Cosmic Observer

    Prelude Part 1

    Decepticon Base, Pacific Ocean, 2012 (Present Day) Earth 1984

    The Commander hated this. Leaving his fortified base on Cobra Island to meet with his new allies did not please him. Neither did the fact that he wasn't allowed to bring his trusted Crimson Guards for security. Nor was he comfortable with the idea that the base of this meeting was considered Top Secret. Oh well, he thought, at least I don't have to deal with Destro's criticism or Mayhem's ambitions.

    "Ah, Cobra Commander, nice to see you again." Doctor Doom said as the Commander entered the command chamber.
    "Doom, any sign of or host?" replied Cobra Commander.
    "Just arrived." Doom said, as Megatron enters the command chamber


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