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    Ok, I noticed that my Universe Ratchet's legs where put together backwards. Luckily, I had a philips head screwdriver availible so I swaped the legs so Ratchet can actually look like his Hasbro photos/ white Ironhide. Of course, the mid torso joint pin (by the legs) is backwards, so Ratchet is actually taller than Ironhide due to a factory mix up. Any ideas on how to get this pin out so to correct the problem?

    Vehicle mode: Ambulance/ SUV (white version of Ironhide)
    Robot mode: Same general robot form as his mold mate, though now has a head crest.

    Color variations: Silver face (wonder if the running change Ironhide has popped up in current assortmants. Any word if the Ironhide's now have silver faces or still the blue?). Whiete thighs/ feet, torso, head.

    Overall: Despite the factory error, which is easy to fix if one has the patience and tools, I give Ratchet a B. Not the best Ratchet but a worty additon to the Autobot ranks. Now if you excuse me, I'm gonna probably post another Universe 3.0 wishlist on the Transformer toy threads.

    This is my first review

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