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    i din´t knew where to put this so it goes here to the fan fiction part.

    Nemesis Prime

    Alligiance: former herald of Unicron/ Child of Primus

    Rank: former Herald Leader/ Autobot Resistance Warrior

    Weapons: Nemesis Cannon, dual machine guns, tonffa blades

    Alt mode: whooly mammoth.

    "The path of redemption is hard and long."

    After the failure that was the mission unicron had entrusted him to do (use the Dead Matrix to kill Primus) Nemesis Prime was defeated in long battle against Ultra Magnus and then encarcerated deep within cybertron. However, his father, god and creator of all transformers did not want to loose another of his children to Unicron, so he reached out deep within Nemesis Prime´s spark and inner conscience, hoping to break the bond that united Prime with Unicron. With the help of some of Prime´s dead friends and comrades he manged to break the bond and free Nemesis Prime. He then granted his son a chance of redemption: return to his dimension and lead what was left of the Autobots in that timeline agaisnt Megazarck, the one who defeated Prime eons before. Prime acepted, but while he now fights for Primus some parts of him never changed, the eons of torture had left a considreable mark, no longer the noble and honorable prime he one was, he now is a ruthless warrior and still uses his name of "Nemesis prime" as a mark of shame, to remenber him what he was before, despite losing the "Dead Matrix" wich was a large part of his power he is still a powerfull warrior and unlike anyother Prime he has no mercy towards his enemis. Part of him wants redemption for his acts, the other wants revenge at Megazarack, the responble of his situation. He still acts alone, trusting no one and showing little interests in creating frienship with the other Autobots, the reason behind this is complex; he is obecessed with revenge but also fears that he might care enought for another transformer like he cared for Elita-1. That would give him a reason to live, a thing he does not want. He imagines himself with both his and Megazarack hands at eaother´s neck and that is what ocupies his thoughts now.
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    great stuff

    i love it

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